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Romney Pest Control has won multiple Angie's List awards over the past 3 years for pest control service offered in Dallas, TX and San Antonio, TX. We believe this continues to prove that we care about our clients and we can back up this award every single time we treat your home.

Romney Pest Control is looking forward to offering you the most premier pest control service for your home! Call to learn about our premier pest control service.

How We Protect Your Home

House Yard


As part of every Romney Pest Control Service, the area surrounding your home will be treated in order to keep invading insects at bay. This insect barrier will extend the radius of 30 ft. (as available) around the foundation of your home. In addition to keeping insects away from your home, this barrier also eliminates many pesky insects in your yard such as crickets, spiders, ants, fleas, ticks, chiggers, etc… which is helpful if you have a big yard. In addition, your Romney Pest Control technician will seek out fire ant colonies and bait them. This is essential in the Dallas, San Antonio and Austin TX area.

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The majority of the insects around your Dallas or San Antonio home prefer enclosed areas. The most common location of resident insects is the wall voids. Insects can access these hollow wall cavities through any gaps, cracks, or crevices around your home–the most common entry point being the weep holes around your foundation. Even if you live in a newer home in the area, it's likely the Texas soil has caused some distress on the foundation. In order to treat the wall void areas, we pressure-treat the foundation of your home.

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High Eaves and Overhangs

One of our most popular pest control services is our eave treatment. Every time you receive a scheduled service you can expect to find your eaves swept and pest free. In addition to keeping your eaves looking good, this pest control service is a very critical part to controlling spider populations.. Many of the spiders around your home will come from eggs and nests in the eave areas. Your service technician will remove all spider activity in order to prevent them from having free reign around your home. We know how bad spiders can be in Dallas or San Antonio TX which is why we also clean out the eaves. Sweeping eaves is critical for treating spiders because it gets rid of their food source.

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house interior


At Romney Pest Control, our interior pest control treatment is very unobtrusive. It involves treating around the exterior floorboards of the home. As insects cross back and forth across the floorboards they come in contact with the treatment and carry it back into their safe holds. This treatment allows the product to be spread around to other insects. We use the best product on the market-Demand CS. Demand CS is VERY effective against all insects. Also, this product is virtually colorless and odorless and does not pose a threat to pets or humans.

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When the University of Florida compared our pest control product,Demand EZ insecticide, against competing products Romney Pest Control products proved to be more effective for up to 60 days past the life of our competitors. When the Demand product is applied, there are at least 10,000 microcapsules per square inch. With a range of capsule sizes for Demand, residual efficacy is increased, allowing for control against insects at least 90 days after application. What this means to our pest control consumers is that our product works long after other products deteriorate, as soon as they are applied to any surface.

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Romney Pest Control Servicing Dallas,
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If you are looking for the best pest control service in Dallas, Fort Worth and San Antonio, TX, you have come to the right place. Romney Pest Control in Dallas and San Antonio, Texas has been providing home pest control services to the Texas and Dallas-Fort Worth area for over 10 years. We are proud to provide the highest quality pest control service available in Dallas-Fort Worth and San Antonio, TX, so your home and yard can be pest free, permanently! We commit to providing an effective and thorough pest control service. If any issues occur between scheduled pest control services, we'll promptly come out to take care of it for free! If you have ever looked into residential or commercial pest control, you will recognize we offer the most complete service in Dallas and San Antonio, Texas.