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Reliable Pest Solutions For Lewisville, TX Properties

Pests are a huge problem that plague Lewisville, TX home and business owners on a daily basis. With the threat of disease and many pests looking to destroy your property, having pests around is not a mistake you can afford to make. This is why you need professional Lewisville, TX pest control services courtesy of Romney Pest Control.

Here at Romney, we are committed to working alongside property owners to find solutions for destructive, dangerous, and annoying pests. If you want quality services and proven results, Romney Pest Control is the right choice for you!

Home Pest Control In Lewisville, TX

Your home is your safe place. It is where you can put your feet up at the end of a long workday, watch TV, and eat a good meal with your family. It is not, however, a place for pests. Year after year, Lewisville pests invade and make our homes their own. Whether you have rodents chewing through your walls and threatening you with disease, or termites nibbling away at the wooden structures of your home, Romney Pest Control has answers for you. With our many home pest control options to choose from, you can find the best and most affordable plan to fit your distinct needs. It’s not easy to manage your home and keep it pest-free, but when you have the certified pest professionals from Romney Pest Control by your side, you’ll rarely see pests on your property.

Why You Should Minimize Mosquito Exposure In Lewisville, TX

a mosquito in a lewisville texas garden

Everyone knows that mosquitoes are annoying, but did you know that they can be dangerous as well? Mosquitoes are actually the most dangerous creatures in the world. They are known to carry a number of different diseases including West Nile virus, chikungunya, yellow fever, tularemia, and Western equine encephalitis. Mosquitoes are the last flying insects you want buzzing around your Lewisville property.

At Romney Pest Control, we are passionate about keeping mosquitoes off of properties and away from harming our community. For this reason, we only use top-of-the-line mosquito treatments. With just a few service visits a year, we make sure your yard and property have the best chance possible to be mosquito-free. Give us a call today if you have questions about how we treat for mosquitoes or to schedule a visit for your Lewisville property.

Steps You Can Take To Avoid Rodents In Lewisville, TX

a brown rat crawling in a building in lewisville texas

Many people keep rodents as pets. That must mean they are harmless. Right? Unfortunately, when not kept in clean cages and away from garbage, rodents have a tendency to be dangerous and destructive pests. If you are currently dealing with a rodent infestation in your home, you’re probably already well-aware of this fact. To keep your Lewisville property rodent-free, we’ve compiled the following prevention tips for you:

  • Seal up your home by filling in gaps and cracks in its exterior foundation. This can be done using a caulking gun and some wire mesh.

  • Install wire screens over ventilation shafts that protrude out from your home’s exterior.

  • Make sure all your exterior doors are equipped with door sweeps.

  • Keep your trash cans well sealed at all times.

  • Clean clutter and debris from your yard.

  • Store leftover foods inside sealed plastic, metal, or glass containers.

  • Pick up and clean pet food and water bowls before going to bed.

  • Clean regularly and pick up food and water messes as they happen.

If you are dealing with rodents, we have an answer. At Romney Pest Control, we offer comprehensive rodent removal services. Give us a call today and we’ll send one of our qualified technicians your way with a solution you can trust!

Commercial Pest Control In Lewisville, TX

You’ve built your business from the ground up and that took a lot of work. You know what it’s like to face adversity at every turn, and you have conquered every problem that has come your way to make your business the success it is today. If you don’t currently have a pest control provider protecting your business from pests, or if you want to make sure that the job gets done right, you can trust Romney Pest Control. We have reliable and effective commercial pest control programs designed to keep pests away from your customers, products, and property. Your Lewisville business needs the most effective pest control services to stay on top. Partner with Romney today to find out how premium pest control can make your business stand out.

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Romney Pest Control received an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars from 589 reviews.


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