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Trusted Pest Exterminators For Katy, TX

Katy, Texas has a rich history as a farming state, which means that the city is no stranger to common Texas pests. All kinds of insects make their home in Katy: termites, scorpions, mosquitoes, ants, and stinging insects. When the climate gets too harsh for them, they’ll seek respite in your home, which spells disaster.

At Romney Pest Control, we provide the best pest control services in all of Texas. Our comprehensive six-step inspection and tailored treatment plans will identify signs of a pest infestation, locate problem areas, and eliminate all pests from your residential or commercial property. We’ll provide full interior and exterior inspections and personalized treatments to make sure your home is pest-free. You won’t need to worry when you trust us with your pest control.

Home Pest Control In Katy, TX

Pests, in many cases, are more than just a nuisance; they may also be a threat to your family. Some pests can spread diseases, inflict bites, or sting victims with venom posing a danger to a small child or pet that doesn’t know the pest is dangerous. The presence of pests may also indicate problems with your house like leaks or structural damage, which attracts even more pests. Romney Pest Control provides comprehensive home pest control solutions that are expertly designed to protect any home from our area’s toughest pests.

Most Common Stinging Insects In Katy, TX

yellow jacket on a nest in a katy tx backyard

Stinging insects can cause a lot of pain once they unleash their sting on you. What makes them dangerous is that some can sting multiple times, and their stings can cause allergic reactions, including anaphylaxis. Usually, these types of insects go away near the end of fall; however, since Katy has a year-round spring and summer climate, they can stick around for much longer.

The most common stinging insects in Katy are paper wasps and mud daubers. The former is the most common type of wasp and builds upside-down, umbrella-shaped nests that look like they’re made of paper. These nests are usually in trees, which means they can easily appear on your property. Mud daubers are small black or blue insects with yellow or green markings that make their nests in the mud. Although docile, they can still deliver a painful sting if disturbed.

If stinging insects are terrorizing your home or business, call the experts at Romney Pest Control and let us take care of that problem for you.

Avoiding Termite Damage In Katy, TX

group of termites chewing on wood in katy tx

Termites, although harmless to humans, are quite dangerous to properties. They are wood-eating pests that cause billions of dollars in structural damage annually! Although termites are difficult to prevent, there are a few tips that can help you before an infestation starts.

  • Clean out gutters to prevent water backup that can leak into walls.

  • Add weatherstripping to windows and doors.

  • Reduce moisture by fixing leaks and using dehumidifiers.

  • Repair any damage to your roof or wooden structures.

  • Prevent any soil-to-wood contact by removing fallen trees, stumps, and debris.

  • Keep space between any soil and your building’s foundation.

Even with these tips, a termite infestation can still occur. Romney Pest Control is your best option for dealing with termites. We use the revolutionary Sentricon® System with Always Active™ to eliminate termite colonies and prevent termite infestations year-round. Once we install the bait stations, the system only needs annual inspections to ensure the bait is killing off termites. With Sentricon® and Romney Pest Control on your side, termites won’t stand a chance. You’ll never have to worry about damage to your home or business from these pests again!

Commercial Pest Control In Katy, TX

Creating a business that customers trust is no easy task, and pests make that challenge even harder. When pests infest your building, your customers can quickly write you off, dealing a significant blow to your brand and reputation. Finding the time to deal with a pest infestation is difficult when you have to run a business, and DIY treatments don’t always work.

That’s why Romney Pest Control is your best choice for commercial pest control services. We’ll inspect your entire property inside and out to zero in on precisely what’s causing your pest problems. After we finish our thorough inspection, which includes your building’s exterior and interior, parking lot, and grassy areas, we’ll recommend a treatment plan customized to needs and your schedule.

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Romney Pest Control received an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars from 589 reviews.


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