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Reliable Pest Control Solutions For Kyle, TX

Trust the protection of your Kyle home or business property to the certified pest technicians here at Romney Pest Control. We offer a wide range of pest extermination services with the dedication and experience you need to keep your property protected against all of Kyle’s common pests. Romney Pest provides services to treat termites, rodents, stinging insects, cockroaches, and many other pests. No matter which pest problem, we have a solution. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our pest experts today to learn more about what plan is right for your Kyle property.

Home Pest Control In Kyle, TX

Are pests really that much of a problem for homeowners? What problems do pests actually cause? What home pest plan is right for your Kyle home? With Romney Pest Control by your side, you can avoid pest problems before they happen. Our home pest control plans include quarterly service visits and general pest options. We offer 3 home pest control plans to accommodate every budget and fit whatever level of protection you would like for your Kyle home:

  • Pest Bundle

  • Pest Advantage Plan

  • Pest Complete Plan

Our Pest Complete Plan includes everything from general pest management to rodent control, along with our mosquito treatment services. To find out which home pest plan is right for your Kyle property, give Romney Pest Control a call today.

Tips To Avoid Stinging Insects In Kyle, TX

a wasp crawling on its nest in kyle texas
Everyone enjoys seeing bright-colored flowers peeking out of the soil and the smell of freshly blooming trees. Many stinging insects also enjoy these aspects of nature. It’s common to spot bees buzzing around patches of flowers.

Unfortunately, many wasps, bees, and hornets are attracted to our picnics and properties as well, which can lead to painful stings if we aren’t careful. To avoid the anger of wasps and bees, try keeping the following tips in mind to prevent insect stings:

  • Cover picnic foods when they aren’t being served.

  • Reduce moisture around your Kyle property.

  • Keep your garbage can sealed.

  • Avoid wearing scented lotions, perfumes, and shampoos.

  • If possible, stay away from flowering plants.

  • Avoid wearing bright-colored or floral clothing.

  • Don’t wear loose-fitting clothing that stinging insects could get caught in.

If you find a stinging insect nest on your Kyle property, it’s important to call a professional pest company right away. You should never try to remove a nest without professional help. Many stinging insects defend their nests aggressively and will sting you if they perceive you as a threat.

For effective stinging insect control and removal services, turn to Romney Pest Control. Our licensed pest technicians will identify problem areas and points of entry around your property and work to eliminate them. Give us a call today to learn more about our stinging insect control programs.

Damage Termites Cause In Kyle, TX

termites chewing wood in kyle texas

Termite colonies have three different types of groups, or castes, of termites. This caste system includes workers, soldiers, and reproductives. Termite nymphs grow into each of these types of termites based on a combination of environmental and pheromonal factors. Worker termites make up the majority of termites and are responsible for finding food, constructing the nest, and maintaining the nest. They also bring food to the rest of the colony and care for the young. Worker termites are the only termites that actually damage Kyle properties. Termites are capable of inflicting serious damage to your home or business in 5 to 8 years. Termites may cause more or less damage to your property depending on the size of the colony and how many colonies are nesting in or near your structure.

When termites invade, they feed primarily on wood, which weakens the structural integrity of your Kyle home or business. It can be difficult to identify a termite infestation on your property. Many infestations remain undiscovered until significant damage has already occurred. American property owners collectively spend about $5 billion every year to repair termite damage. To avoid finding termites on your Kyle property, reach out to Romney Pest for guaranteed termite control. We provide termite inspections, treatments, and preventative options to eliminate existing infestations and defend against future attacks. Contact us to schedule your inspection or ask about our termite control treatment options.

Commercial Pest Control In Kyle, TX

Pests like ants, mice, rats, and cockroaches are capable of ruining your products and your reputation. Additionally, pests can introduce a wide variety of bacteria and pathogens into your Kyle company, which can lead to serious health conditions. The best way to ensure pests stay away from your Kyle business is by implementing a commercial pest control plan for your property. When you partner with Romney Pest Control, you can rest assured that your business will remain pest-free all year long. Our year-round commercial pest control plans work to target and eliminate current pest problems and prevent pests from invading. Romney Pest Control will work with you to find a commercial pest control plan that will fit your specific needs. Reach out to us today to protect your Kyle business from pests year-round.

Bed Bug Control

Unfortunately, bed bugs have made a comeback in recent years. These tiny blood-sucking insects hide in mattresses, bed frames, headboards, and other parts of your house. They come out at night to feed on your blood and then return to their hiding places where they reproduce and infest your home even more. If you notice any of these insects, it’s critical that you contact professionals right away. At Romney, we know how to handle these invasive insects to ensure that you’re sleeping free of bed bugs asap!

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