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Professional Pest Control Services For Rockwall, TX Properties

The city of Rockwall is located in Rockwall County and is part of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Our area offers residents several outdoor amenities, including parks, lakes, and access to Rockwall Harbor. Despite the fun activities and business opportunities our region provides, pests will attempt to invade our properties and will always be a threat. To avoid the problems our area’s toughest pests cause, turn to the friendly pest technicians here at Romney Pest Control. We commit ourselves to the communities we serve and always strive to improve our residential and commercial pest control programs. Contact us today to experience life without pest problems.

Home Pest Control In Rockwall, TX

Pest problems can happen to anyone at any time. It’s a common misconception that only filthy homes deal with pests, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. If you identify a pest infestation and contact us, we here at Romney Pest Control can control it with one of the home pest control programs. We understand how frustrating and harmful pests can be to your Rockwall home and family, which is why we’ve developed a 6-point inspection process to locate and identify all of your pest problems.

Our 6-point home inspection process is as follows:

1. Home exterior inspection

2. Pest removal

3. Lawn inspection

4. Entry point inspection

5. Home interior inspection

6. A report on our findings

Keep annoying and dangerous pests away from your Rockwall home when you partner with the licensed pest technicians here at Romney Pest Control. No matter what pest you’re dealing with, Romney Pest Control can help!

How To Avoid Scorpions In Rockwall, TX

striped bark scorpion outside a rockwall tx home

Here in Rockwall, scorpions are active year-round. These resilient pests are more common during the summer when the excess heat and rain drive them to seek out a cooler, drier environment inside your home or business property.

The most common species of scorpion in our area is the striped bark scorpion. Fortunately, most property-invading scorpion stings are not life-threatening; however, they can still leave you with excruciating stings if you provoke them. If you are stung by a scorpion, you should always seek medical attention immediately. The key to avoiding scorpions around your Rockwall property is to reduce the factors that attract them.

Some ways to discourage scorpion activity around your home or business include the following:

  • Getting rid of clutter and other materials scorpions can hide under, including decaying wood, rock piles, trash piles, and leaf litter.

  • Reducing excess moisture in and around your home.

  • Eliminating other insects to reduce their source of prey.

  • Replacing torn window screens.

  • Sealing up openings around your foundation and exterior walls.

If you spot scorpion activity around your Rockwall home or business property, you should reach out to a professional pest control company right away. Romney Pest Control offers treatments to control a wide variety of common Texas pests, including scorpions. Contact us today for assistance with your scorpion problem, or to learn about our 6-point inspection process.

Are Stinging Insects Dangerous In Rockwall, TX?

wasps on a leaf in a rockwall tx yard

It’s common for many stinging insects, such as wasps, bees, and hornets, to build their nests around the areas where we live. They tend to nest around porches, decks, and various other places in your yard. Most of the time, stinging insects are more of a nuisance than a danger; however, some species of hornets and wasps can leave you with very painful stings. Stinging insects can also be dangerous to young children and those who have severe allergic reactions to their venom—some of which can even be life-threatening. Even if you aren’t allergic, stinging insects are often aggressive and won’t hesitate to sting you if they perceive you as a threat.

You should never try to remove a stinging insect nest from your Rockwall property yourself. Nests can hold hundreds of angry stinging insects that will swarm and can sting multiple times. The safest and most effective way to get rid of bees, wasps, or hornets is with help from the certified pest professionals here at Romney Pest Control.

If stinging insects are causing problems around your Rockwall home or business, we can safely remove them. Our highly-trained pest technicians will identify your pest problem and come up with a solution. Give Romney Pest Control a call today for help with your stinging insect infestation.

Commercial Pest Control In Rockwall, TX

A successful Rockwall business isn’t complete without a professional pest control plan in place. Pests such as mice, rats, stinging insects, and termites are a significant problem for business owners. Not only do pest infestations scare away customers and lower your credibility, but they can also damage equipment and spread dangerous diseases. Don’t wait for pest problems to ruin your reputation and tear down the success you worked hard to achieve. Trust Romney Pest Control with protecting your Rockwall business property and never again worry about pest infestations.

Our pest technicians know how to work efficiently and in a professional manner, and will develop a customized commercial treatment plan based on the pest issues we find at your establishment. Romney Pest Control can protect your Rockwall business from the health concerns pests bring, as well as your reputation. Contact us today for more information about what our commercial pest control services offer.

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