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Professional Pest Management In Keller, TX

Because of its amazing wooded areas, Keller, Texas is home to many beautiful parks and hiking trails; however, these wooded areas are also home to many bothersome pests that are looking to take over your home or business. When seeking food, water, and shelter, these pests will invade your property and can wreak havoc. Trust Romney Pest Control to keep these critters at bay. Our trained technicians provide excellent pest control services wherever you need it: indoors or out, in your living room, or in your yard. We guarantee we can solve your pest problem!

Home Pest Control In Keller, TX

No one wants to worry about their family’s health and safety inside their home, and pests can put both at risk. We provide the most comprehensive residential pest control services in the Keller area. We cover your yard or lawn, eaves and overhangs, foundations, and interiors. No matter where those pests are, we’ll find them and eliminate them using our six-step treatment plan.

The treatment plan begins with a thorough inspection of your property, starting with an exterior examination and the removal of cobwebs and wasps’ nest; then we move on to inspect your yard for any pest infestations. We then locate outer entry points and check inside for any signs of an infestation; after, we send you a detailed service report. Our home pest control treatments are both comprehensive and convenient, and we can help you find the right treatment for your home and family.

Common Ants Found In Keller, TX

carpenter ant on a counter in a keller tx kitchen

Two common species of ants found in Keller, TX are fire ants and carpenter ants. Fire ants are infamous for their painful, stinging bites and their ability to quickly swarm a target when disturbed. Carpenter ants, while harmless to humans, can cause a lot of damage to the wooden structures in and around your home or commercial property. Because the temperatures here in Keller are always warm, these ants remain a problem all year-round.

Romney Pest Control has years of experience in handling any type of ant infestation. Put your trust in our team of professional pest control technicians and let us handle your ant problem. With our professional services, we’ll keep those pests at bay every day of the year so you and your family can rest easy!

Are Beetles In Keller, TX Dangerous?

cigarette beetle in a keller tx pantry

In Keller, there are four common species of beetles: black carpet beetles, varied carpet beetles, furniture carpet beetles, and cigarette beetles. All of these beetles can be harmful in your home, depending on the materials they destroy.

Black carpet beetles feed on nearly anything in your home, but especially items with fabric. Varied carpet beetles, on the other hand, typically feed on animal byproducts and stored products, as well as fabrics. Furniture carpet beetles turn their attention to upholstered furniture, as their name implies. Cigarette beetles do not feed on fabrics; instead, they focus on dried tobacco and other dry products like cereal, pasta, leather, and pet food.

Regardless of the type of beetle invading your home, you’re going to want professionals to help get rid of these destructive pests. Call Romney Pest Control to receive a comprehensive inspection and treatment of your residential or commercial property. We provide the most convenient and thorough pest control services for your home or business, custom-made to fit your schedule, and keep your family or employees safe.

Commercial Pest Control In Keller, TX

Successful businesses are built on providing excellent products or services and on their reputation with the community they serve. If your commercial property has a pest infestation, both will be negatively impacted. Pests can easily damage your products, harm your employees, and sow distrust in your customers. Romney Pest Control will stop them in their tracks to make sure your business thrives.

Our inspections are thorough and comprehensive. We’ll examine your parking lots, interiors, exteriors, and yards (if applicable). Once we’ve identified potential problem areas or signs of a current infestation, we’ll then provide comprehensive commercial pest control treatments that work with your schedule and your budget. When you need ongoing pest control service, Romney Pest Control will provide the most flexible options that work for your business.

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Romney Pest Control received an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars from 589 reviews.


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