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The Best Way To Protect Your San Antonio Business From Dangerous Pests

Mar 8, 2021

Owning and operating any kind of business can be hard work. Every business has its unique challenges and unfortunately, one of those challenges is keeping pests away.

Each business has its types of pests that are likely to try to visit, but one thing that stands true throughout all business types is that these critters are NOT welcomed.

Let’s learn more about what type of pests are common to your business and what steps you can take to stop them from trespassing.

What Type Of Pests Are Common In Restaurants

Unfortunately, restaurants have everything a pest needs to make itself at home. Open doors, food, moisture, foot traffic, and packages coming in and out. The types of food you offer can determine the types of pests that visit, but there are a few that are common regardless of what’s on the menu.

Here are some of the pests that commonly show up to restaurants with no reservations:

What Type Of Pests Are Common In Offices

Offices can be a hotbed for pests for a myriad of different reasons. First, there are many dormant spaces in an office environment; crevices and corners that go undisturbed are a haven for many different types of pests. Second, the food employees bring in with them is the perfect flashing, welcoming neon sign to draw in critters.

Whether it’s takeout from the deli down the street or something homemade, the crumbs left behind are an open invitation for pests. Some of the pests most likely to stop by your office without an appointment include unpleasant, uninvited guests like rodents, roaches, and spiders.

What Type Of Pests Are Common In Factories

The sheer amount of open, unbothered space in a factory is very inviting to certain types of pests.

If your factory stores large amounts of food products like rice or flour, there’s also a chance it could attract “stored product pests”. These pests make their way into large batches of food products and contaminate them in contact.

Below is a list of common pests you could find in a factory:

How Pests Can Affect Your Business

A pest issue can single-handedly cause significant damage to your business. In the age of social media, all it takes is one customer or employee to post about a bug sighting and have it instantly become viewable to hundreds or even thousands of potential customers. 

Pests can also present a serious health hazard to your employees and customers. Rodents and other pests carry disease and bacteria that can be harmful to humans even without direct contact.

These little monsters can also have a significant psychological impact on your employees. Just the sight of a rodent scurrying across the floor is enough to make any hardworking employee uncomfortable for weeks or possibly months. Inevitably, this decreases productivity and increases the chances of losing a trusted employee to a pest-free competitor.

How Romney Pest Control Can Help

An infestation in a commercial property is too difficult and too risky to try handling on your own. Fortunately, the experts at Romney Pest Control have your back. Our year-round pest control program is perfect for keeping bugs out of your San Antonio business. We offer customized pest control solutions that are designed to meet your business needs.

Schedule your free estimate now or contact us at 210-446-5267 with any pest control questions today.


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