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How To Protect Your Dallas Home From Pests All Year

Mar 8, 2021

The climate in northern Texas creates conditions that make residential pest control a challenge all year long. For example, the cooler temperatures in January and February encourage rodents such as roof rats to seek out attics and crawlspaces for nesting. As the weather becomes warmer in the spring, fleas begin laying eggs, while ants and termites are also foraging and creating colonies. During these summer months, German and American cockroaches are very active and may venture into homes seeking regular food and water sources. Meanwhile, the region is also invaded by black crickets, spiders, and wasps. 

How Pest-Related Nuisances Can Become Infestations

Some property owners will initially notice the presence of pests but consider it as a somewhat minor nuisance. It is during this phase where many of these unwanted invaders begin to reproduce and may spread to other areas of the home. Cockroaches are an example of a pest that is nocturnal and may go largely unseen in the early stages of intrusion.

Do-It-Yourself Pest Control Efforts

Some homeowners will attempt to eradicate pests by purchasing products that are marketed as affordable, easy to use solutions.  Unfortunately, many of these options may appear to be eliminating pests, but they merely just cause them to temporarily relocate to another area of the home. During this time, the volume of pests may be rising along with the extent of damage to the property.

Health Risks Of Do-It-Yourself Pest Control Efforts 

Many of the store-bought pest control products can create potentially adverse health risks that place you, your family, and even pets in jeopardy. These agents may contain chemicals that cause respiratory problems or harmfully interact with other cleaning products you use. As pest infestations progress, some homeowners will make the mistake of using increasing amounts of possibly noxious substances.

Choosing A Professional Pest Control Solution

Having your home inspected and treated by a pest control professional is the recommended option for those who have detected an intrusion. This will better ensure that the problem is quickly, effectively, and safely eradicated. The professionals can also inspect the exterior of the home to identify potential entry points and any existing conditions that are likely to attract pests.

Comprehensive Treatment And Prevention Plans

Romney Pest Control now offers homeowners in Dallas several year-round plans for protection that include a 100% service guarantee:

  • Pest Bundle Plan: This is an excellent basic option that includes quarterly technician visits, general pest control service, treatment of the home’s yard and exterior, and removal of wasp nests
  • Pest Advantage: Includes all of the services of the Bundle Plan with rodent control inside and out, as well as a rigorous termite inspection
  • Pest Complete: Includes all of the services of the Advantage Plan, installation of the Sentricon Termite system, and treatment for mosquitos

Residential Pest Control Professional in Dallas

Since 2002, the experienced team at Romney Pest Control has been successfully exterminating pests for property owners in the Dallas area. The organization has been the recipient of numerous accolades for excellent service and overall customer satisfaction. Contact us today for a complimentary inspection and estimate.


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