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Why Are There Camel Crickets In My San Antonio Home?

Mar 9, 2021

The camel cricket, the insect with a jump that arches like a camel’s hump, is known by a number of other names. Whether you call it a cave cricket, camelback cricket, spider cricket, or sand treader, here’s the lowdown on the camel cricket.

The camel cricket is a tan-brown insect with segmented legs. It sports two feelers off the end of its abdomen and a series of dark stripes on its two oversized hind legs. Like most crickets, they can bite, but these bites are a last resort for the bugs and will rarely ever hurt a human — that is unless one suffers from insect allergies. Still, the primary source of anguish the camel cricket inflicts is mental and emotional, able to keep humans awake all night with their abrasive songs.

The Most Common Factors That Attract Camel Crickets To Human Homes

They’re noisy. They’re annoying. They might even be dangerous to you and your family. Yet, the pests are not likely to stop there. To illustrate, here is a list of things around the house that tend to attract camel crickets, and the reasons they may spell trouble for your San Antonio property:

  • Dark, moist environments. Crickets love the dark, and moreover, areas that naturally foster a source of moisture. Basements and cellars are favorites for this reason.
  • Paper products. Thin and nutritious, paper is a common snack for crickets unable to reach their usual meal source.
  • Cardboard boxes. Like paper, cardboard can serve as a key source of nutrition for indoor crickets. Unlike paper, cardboard boxes are the perfect places for camel crickets to build their nests.

DIY Tips For Preventing Camel Crickets In Your San Antonio Home

If you’re tired of waking up in the middle of the night and hearing camel crickets making the same old racket, there’s no doubt — you need help getting rid of the pests immediately. That’s why the cricket prevention specialists at Romney Pest Control have gathered together all the steps you need to prevent further infestation of your San Antonio house and of your sanity:

  • Camel crickets are jumpers, but also spectacular climbers. As such, it is essential to watch for cracks and crannies all along the walls of your San Antonio home and seal them right away.
  • If you have a basement or cellar, especially an unfinished one, keep the area ventilated. In the process of doing so, however, don’t rush so much you create openings for crickets to crawl through.
  • Want to keep your home nice and dry? Ventilation isn’t your only option. You can reduce moisture in your basement and beyond with a dehumidifier.
  • Keep your lawn well-trimmed! When crickets live outside your walls, the cover tall grass, and similar foliage provides is essential to the camel cricket’s survival, as it protects them from predators.

With DIY prevention tips, you’re more than ready to fully protect your San Antonio home. Want to make certain you never have to hear a camel cricket indoors again? Your best bet is to take the next step with a team of experienced specialists. Don’t hesitate! Contact the professionals at Romney Pest Control right away.


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