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Common types of beetles in Texas

Beetles are insects that come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. Beetles have front and back wings. Their front wings are very hard and form a shell-like cover over their body and their back wings. Depending on the species beetles are often grouped as either fabric infesting pests, pantry pests, or wood-destroying pests.

Black Carpet Beetles

black carpet beetle crawling on grain
Black carpet beetles are the most destructive and common species of beetles living in the United States.

The black carpet beetle is a pest often found in kitchen cupboards, closets and storage areas, and in carpets. They will feed on almost anything they come across including wool, leather, hair, and dead insects.

As their name suggests they are a black or reddish-brown color and are covered with short hairs. They have three sets of legs and a pair of short antennae.

Varied Carpet Beetles

varied carpet beetle on kitchen counter
These beetles are a common household pest and have a worldwide distribution.

Varied carpet beetles are a stored product pest and feed on fabrics and animal bi-products.

Adults range from 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch long and have an oval body. They are black, with a “varied” arrangement of beige, yellow and white colors on the upper part of their thorax and over their wing covers. The head is bent at a downward angle, and when viewed from above it is almost completely concealed.

Furniture Carpet Beetles

close up of a furniture carpet beetle
As their name suggests, furniture carpet beetles are a common pest of upholstered furniture. They are most prevalent in warmer climates and are pests that thrive throughout the Southern portion of the United States.

These beetles are round in shape and are black with a yellow and white mottling. Their larvae are oval-shaped and are covered with long brown hairs.

Cigarette Beetles

cigarette beetle in cupbard
Cigarette beetles, as their name suggests, feed on dried tobacco. They will also consume leather and a wide variety of dried food products including cereal, pasta, dried spices, dried flowers and pet food.

Their body is oval-shaped and their head is bent at a downward angle making them appear humpbacked. Cigarette beetle larvae are worm-like and creamy white. Cigarette beetles are active when the temperature is 65°F or above.

Are beetles dangerous?

Beetles are considered nuisance pests, but they do create some damage and potential dangers when invading homes and other structures.

They will damage fabrics, furniture, clothing and contaminate food.

Also, coming into contact with live adults, their shed skins, or excrement can trigger an allergic reaction in some individuals.

Why do I have a beetle problem?

Beetles are most likely living on your property or inside of your home because it is providing them with access to food sources. Beetles, depending on the species, feed on a variety of stored grains and packaged foods. Other species feed on garden plants, wood, or fabric.

Where will I find beetles?

Adult beetles are mainly found living outside feeding on plant nectar and pollen. Adult beetles find their way inside to forage for food or to escape harsh weather conditions. They are also attracted to outdoor lighting. Beetle larvae are most often found living inside feeding on dry goods, fabrics, and animal bi-products. Beetle larvae are found in kitchens, pantries, basements, and other storage areas.

How do I get rid of beetles?

To get rid of beetles from your property or structure, partner with the Texas pest control experts at Romney Pest Control. Our experienced professionals provide reliable and comprehensive pest control services that eliminate beetles and then the routine services needed to prevent their return. If you are looking for high-quality pest control services to keep your Dallas/Ft. Worth, San Antonio, Austin, or Houston area home or business free of beetles, reach out to Romney Pest Control.

How can I prevent beetles?

Keep beetles out of your home with the help of the following beetle prevention tips:

  • To help prevent adults from making their way inside your home, seal any cracks or crevices around windows and doors.
  • Make sure that screens are completely intact.
  • Regularly vacuum and dust to pick up shed pet hair, human hair, and dust.
  • Don’t purchase dry goods from the store that have holes or tears in them.
  • Store clothing and other fabrics made from natural fibers in pest-proof storage containers instead of cardboard boxes.
  • Store dry goods in airtight containers instead of their original packaging.
  • Replace white outdoor bulbs with yellow bulbs or LED bulbs that are less attractive to insects.
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