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How Did I Get Carpet Beetles In My San Antonio Home?

Jan 14, 2020

You keep the house clean, you vacuum once a week, and you’re even halfway done with your New Year’s organization plan. So where did these devilish, not-so-delightful bugs come from? Carpet beetles are extremely tiny, hard-shelled beetles that resemble dark-colored ladybugs. Measuring anywhere from 1/16th to 1/8th of an inch, these miniature monsters are ready and willing to eat anything you have stored in your closets, especially your clothes.

Adult female carpet beetles will reside in or infest the carpeting under your feet, laying eggs which hatch into 1/8 to 1/4 inch long larvae. Larvae are tan or brownish creatures that sport a thick covering of bristly hairs and slowly crawl along materials like wool and silk, feathers and furs, and skins and leathers to eat. This practice will leave patches, holes, and other threadbare spots all over the material.Carpet beetles may have infiltrated your home because of:

  • The introduction of a new house plant, or bringing older plants indoors
  • Animal hides or mounted heads
  • Dried flowers or fruits for potpourri
  • Easy access to food sources such as dog food, dried grains or pastas, and pollen

Worst of all, carpet beetles can and will cause significant damage to the carpets and rugs in which they happily reside. Without immediate treatment, homeowners may need to spend thousands of dollars on carpet beetle repairs.

How To Keep Carpet Beetles Out Of Your San Antonio Residence

Carpet beetles find their way into southwestern residents by crawling through cracks in windows, doors, and the exterior of your home. If you have had previous pest infestations such as birds or squirrels, these pests may simply be migrating from one nest’s food source to another. Your home’s solid supply of carpeting and other fabrics will allow colonies to breed, grow, and thrive in an otherwise controlled environment. To keep them out of the home, consider the following:

  • Don’t allow dirty laundry to pile up around the floor and carpets, opting instead to clean and dry them regularly. Carpet beetles will infest anything they can have easy access to, including clothing. If possible, fold your clothes on a table, bed, or other raised location. In addition, store freshly washed hampers of laundry off the floor and in a relatively high up position until they are properly put away.
  • Vacuum your carpet regularly, opting to steam clean your carpets once every six months. This will nip any beginning infestations in the bud. Carpet beetles are far more attracted to carpets containing a high amount of debris and dead matter, which can quickly build up over time. If you believe that your carpets are too old or dirty to merit steam cleanings, consider replacing them entirely.
  • Close up, seal, or otherwise caulk any entry points in which tiny bugs could enter the home. The carpet beetle’s small frame and nimble scurrying allow it to fit into small spaces that would otherwise be impossible. Weatherproofing your doors and windows can be a great method of eliminating hairline cracks that are more difficult to notice or repair.

To protect yourself and your family from the severe damage caused by carpet beetle activity, call your local Romney Pest Control office anytime on Monday through Friday from 9-5.

Rendezvous With The Best Of Romney Pest Control

Due to their sneaky natures and tiny frames, it is entirely feasible that a carpet beetle infestation has been operating under your nose for weeks or months, undetected. Adult beetles or larvae may be found loitering throughout the home, while unexplained damage may continue to worsen. If you suspect that your San Antonio home may be experiencing carpet beetle problems, the best way to get rid of the entire infestation quickly is to contact the professionals at Romney Pest Control now. Find your local office quickly to begin your journey to pest-free peace.


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