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A Helpful Beetle Prevention Handbook For Dallas Homeowners

Mar 8, 2021

Although beetles are mostly a nuisance pest, they can create problems for Dallas homeowners. There are a few different types of beetles you can expect to find in your home, so you need to take action to keep them away. Learn what you can do to keep beetles away from your property.

What Beetles Live In Dallas?

There are thousands of types of beetles throughout the world, but in Dallas, there are only a few beetles that are likely to invade your home. While some infest fabric, others infest pantries or wood. No matter what beetle you have, there are consequences.
The black carpet beetle is a common home invader that likes to live in closets, carpets, and storage areas. Although they eat almost anything, these beetles prefer to eat leather, wool, and dead insects. They’re black or reddish-brown and have short hairs on their bodies. 
Another common species is the varied carpet beetle. You’re likely to find this pest on your stored food, but they also feed on fabric. The furniture carpet beetle tends to remain in upholstered furniture. These beetles are black with yellow and white spots. 
Despite their name, cigarette beetles don’t only invade the homes of people who smoke cigarettes. They like dried tobacco but also eat cereal, pasta, and pet food. While adults have a humpback, larvae are worm-like and white.

Why Beetles Come Inside

To understand how to keep beetles out, you need to know what attracts them into your home in the first place. Under most circumstances, beetles enter homes in search of food. You have an abundance of food for them throughout your home. In your basement or attic, you might have enough fabric to keep thousands of beetles content. Meanwhile, your pantry probably has plenty of dried food accessible to beetles. 
Some beetles come into your home for shelter. If it’s too cold outside, they’ll enter your home to warm up. Although you might not realize it, you have plenty of openings for beetles to use as entrances.
Often, beetles don’t even realize they’re entering your home. These insects can be stored product pests, which lay eggs in dried foods. When you bring home a bag of grains from the grocery store, you could be bringing beetle eggs or larvae with you. That’s all it takes for an infestation to begin.

The Trouble With Beetles

Once inside your home, beetles can cause several issues. For one, they may contaminate your food. If you unknowingly eat food that was inhabited by beetles, you could become ill. As soon as you notice beetles in your food, you should throw it away and replace it. 
Beetles also have the potential to cause damage to your clothing or furniture. Although beetles don’t cause as much damage as termites, they can ruin a sentimental blanket or force you to replace your carpet. 

Dallas Beetle Prevention Tips

If you don’t want beetles in your home, you can do all of the following: 

  • Vacuum your home frequently
  • Dust your home regularly
  • Seal up potential openings, like gaps around your windows and under your doors
  • Check dried food for larvae before bringing it home

If you notice signs of a beetle infestation, you need to act quickly. There is no easy way to eliminate beetles from your property, and most DIY methods are ineffective. For fast beetle elimination, you can count on the Romney Pest Control experts.

Work With Professionals

Whether you need beetle prevention or elimination, you should rely on professional assistance. Contact the Romney Pest professionals today to learn more about what we have to offer.


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