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What You Ought To Know About Cigarette Beetles In Dallas-Fort Worth

Oct 27, 2020

Cigarette beetles are a year-round pest that are notorious for getting into cabinets and pantries in search of dry food products, contaminating and ruining them in the process. They’re small and difficult to catch, allowing them to spread quickly once they get into a home or other structure.

While these pests aren’t considered a direct danger to humans, they are still a nuisance pest that leads to numerous problems. In this blog, we’ll take a look at cigarette beetles, their identifying qualities and characteristics, what attracts them, and steps you can take to keep your Dallas-Fort Worth home or business free of cigarette beetles in the future.

How To Identify a Cigarette Beetle

Cigarette beetles usually measure around 1/8 inch (2-3mm) in length, with light brown coloration on their backs that can sometimes shift toward yellow or reddish. While they can initially appear similar to their cousins like drugstore beetles and furniture beetles, cigarette beetles are distinguished by the humpbacked appearance that can make them resemble a common ladybug. Their larvae are much smaller and cream-colored

Like most beetles, cigarette beetles have wings under their shells and are capable of flight.

Cigarette beetles are named for their preference for dried products, especially tobacco. In fact, their other common name is tobacco beetle. They are often found in or around their preferred food source.

What Attracts Cigarette Beetles?

What attracts cigarette beetles to your home? Tobacco is one of the most common attractors, as the name suggests. You might find cigarette beetles in tobacco, cigarettes, or cigars. However, they can also feed on many other dry products such as spices, ginger, cereals, and other dry foods.

Besides these, cigarette beetles might also feed on paper, book bindings, and furniture. They are often unknowingly brought into the home in a food source, but once inside they can spread rapidly through the pantry and house.

Cigarette Beetle Infestations in Dallas-Fort Worth

It can be difficult to know you have an infestation of cigarette beetles. It’s important to inspect food for signs of the adult bugs or their larvae. You may also see signs of an infestation if food packaging has holes or if you see debris particles.

Cigarette beetles aren’t considered dangerous, but they do contaminate any food they get into. They are very much considered a nuisance pest that can be frustrating to deal with and difficult to treat once they get inside, making prevention essential if you want to save yourself a lot of headaches.

Preventing Cigarette Beetles in Your Home

As with most household pests, prevention is always the best approach when it comes to cigarette beetles. Luckily, there are steps you can take to prevent them in your home.

Start by inspecting all purchased dry goods. Look for bugs, eggs, or larvae in any food products you buy. Some common foods cigarette beetles are prone to infest include tobacco products, coffee, rice, pasta, dried flowers, and flour. However, any stored product in your pantry could be targeted.

Store all purchased food in airtight containers that can’t be chewed through. Cigarette beetles can easily get through cardboard packaging or thin plastic bags, but hard plastic is too thick for them to infiltrate. Refrigerate any food items you can.

If you spot a beetle or evidence of their presence, make sure to discard all contaminated food and inspect other food items nearby for signs of contamination. Do not simply place the item in the garbage and leave it in the kitchen; instead, you should empty the trash can and place it outside away from the home so that any beetles inside can’t get out and continue to spread inside your home.

After these steps have been taken, do a preventive deep-clean of your home. Keep your pantry clean and clean it often, checking for signs of cigarette beetles as you do. The fewer food crumbs are out, the lower chance you have of an infestation.

Professional Control for Cigarette Beetles in Dallas-Fort Worth

If you want long-term peace of mind from cigarette beetles and other pests, call Romney Pest Control. We know how to identify, control, and eliminate cigarette beetles. We can help you determine what might have attracted these beetles into your home, and we’ll help you track down and treat all infested products.

We know that dealing with beetles in your home can be difficult and frustrating. That’s why we offer quick service with lasting results. Keep your pantry clean and your home cigarette beetle-free with the assistance of Romney Pest Control.


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