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Problems Ticks Cause In Dallas/Fort Worth

Sep 6, 2019

Ticks cause many problems in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. They infest pets, which puts them at risk of disease. They burrow into our skin to get a blood meal, leaving behind the potential of life-altering illness. They are hard to kill and protecting ourselves often means using harmful chemical sprays. Having tick protection from a professional pest control company can be a lifesaver.

Types Of Ticks In The Dallas-Fort Worth Area

There are several types of ticks that can be problematic in this area:

Brown Dog Ticks
Brown dog ticks are plain-looking, reddish-brown ticks with minimal markings. The threat with these ticks is mostly to dogs, as they can transmit canine ehrlichiosis and canine babesia. They also cause skin irritations to dogs. These ticks can infest a home rapidly if left unchecked.

American Dog Ticks
American dog ticks are easy to distinguish from the brown dog tick because of the intricate markings. Despite the name, these ticks in early stages will feast on small rodents and farm animals. Adult American dog ticks prefer dogs and dog-like animals such as coyotes. They will feed on humans. These ticks can transmit Rocky Mountain Spotted fever.

Lone Star Ticks
Lone star ticks are small and brown. Females have a whitish spot on their backs which is where the name is derived from. These feed on warm-blooded animals and humans and can transmit Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Lyme disease, and tularemia. In extreme cases, their bite can cause death.

Deer Ticks
Deer ticks are one of the smallest ticks, often as small as a poppy seed, and brown to black in color. This tick is the most common carrier of Lyme disease. It feasts on deer (hence its name) and other mammals, birds, rodents, and humans.

Problems Caused By Ticks

In addition to the diseases mentioned above, ticks can cause annoying problems. Their bites can be itchy and irritating, especially for pets. When the area that was bitten is scratched repeatedly, there is a chance that a secondary infection can develop.

When you have a problem on your property with one pest, it’s likely there are more. Ticks are part of the circle-of-life. If there are no animals near your property to feed on, then the ticks can’t survive there. Taking steps to avoid attracting wild animals to your property is a good way to help reduce the risk of ticks.

Professional Tick Control

At Romney Pest Control, we offer a 6-point pest control inspection process. This meticulous checklist helps us identify and develop a treatment plan that is best for your home. We offer professional long-lasting tick control treatments for Dallas-Fort Worth homeowners.


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