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Crickets Driving Dallas/Fort Worth Residents Mad

Sep 2, 2019

how annoying they can be. When outside in their natural environment, crickets chirping can be a soothing evening sound, but inside your home, they are an irritating racket that keeps you up at night. Crickets are relatively harmless pests in that they rarely bite and they don’t sting, but they can be an indication of a larger pest problem. If crickets are driving you mad in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, contact Romney Pest Control for a pest control solution.

Identifying Crickets

Crickets and grasshoppers are often confused. With over 30 different species, they have overlapping similarities. In general, both average about an inch long and have antennae and long back legs used for jumping. Both can range in color from light tan to green, to dark brown, and even black. Most common crickets are black, and their antennae are longer than a grasshopper’s. They make a distinct chirping sound that can help you distinguish them from grasshoppers.

Problems With Crickets

Crickets are not aggressive and don’t tend to harm humans, but they do have the ability to bite. Outdoors, they can harm gardens and destroy root systems. They can cause damage to lawns and playing fields with the holes and tunnels they dig. Indoors, they will eat a variety of materials including books, clothing, and fruits and veggies. The worst problem with crickets is that they can drive a person insane with their cricket song, chirping away through the night.

Keeping Crickets Out

Routine maintenance of the exterior of your home can make a big impact on the number of pests you keep out. Sealing up small cracks, repairing damaged screens, installing door sweeps, caulking around windows and doors, and patching holes can help. Indoors, sweeping and vacuuming regularly, keeping storage areas such as basements and attics organized and uncluttered, and reducing moisture can keep pests such as crickets at bay.

Professional Help For Crickets

In large numbers, crickets can do a lot of damage to a home and a person’s sanity. Having a cricket problem can also mean you have problems with other pests as well. At Romney Pest Control we have a 6-point pest inspection process. These thorough steps help us to identify and recommend solutions for your pest problems. Contact Romney Pest Control today if crickets or other pests are driving you mad in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.


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