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Common Ticks In Texas

Ticks are ectoparasites, which means that they survive by feeding solely on the blood of people and animals. Ticks are closely related to spiders and mites. These biting pests have oval-shaped bodies, eight legs, and are wingless. Keep reading for more information on the most common types of ticks in Texas.

American Dog Ticks

american dog tick on counter

American dog ticks are large, brownish ticks with whitish-gray or yellow markings. Females have marbled markings only on the upper surface of their fronts. Males have the same marbled markings stretching across the entire upper surface of their bodies.

American dog ticks feed on a wide variety of animals and people as well. Their favorite host is the domestic dog.

Blacklegged Ticks

deer tick biting skin

Often referred to as deer ticks, blacklegged ticks in Texas are dark brown in color with distinctive darker colored legs. Adults are about the size of a sesame seed before feeding, while nymphs are about the size of a pinhead.

The preferred hosts of the deer tick are deer but they will feed on other animals and people.

Brown Dog Ticks

brown dog tick on fur

Often confused with the American dog tick because of its name and preference for feeding on the blood of canines, the brown dog tick reddish-brown and are without any distinguishing markings.

This type of tick rarely feeds on humans, but will if no other host is available.

Lone Star Ticks

lone star tick biting arm

Adult Lone star ticks are reddish-brown in color. Females have one identifying white spot on their backs while males have multiple smaller white spots. They also have very noticeable white lines around the top edge of their bodies.

Lone star ticks feed on larger mammals like people, deer, and dogs rather than smaller mammals like rodents.

Are ticks dangerous?

There are several tick-borne diseases present in Texas including:

  • Anaplasmosis
  • Ehrlichiosis
  • Lyme Disease
  • Spotted Fever Group Rickettsioses
  • Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
  • Tick-borne Relapsing Fever
  • Tularemia

While Lyme disease is the most frequently diagnosed tick-borne illness in the U.S, according to the Texas Department of Health Services, there is a low incidence rate here in Texas.

Why do I have a tick problem?

When you venture outside, there’s the potential to encounter ticks. Wildlife passing traveling across your lawn introduce ticks, pets exploring find ticks, and you may even pick them up while spending time outside on trails or in your own backyard.

Where will I find ticks?

Ticks thrive outside, not so much indoors. They are often found at the edge of wooded paths, in thick vegetation, in tall grass, and along fence lines.

Brown dog ticks are an exception to the rule. Their entire life cycle can be completed indoors and they are often found in homes with pets, kennels, and grooming facilities.

How do I get rid of ticks?

To get rid of ticks that have infested your yard, contact the Texas tick control pros at Romney. Providing local pest control in Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio, our team has vast experience in eliminating tick infestations.

How can I prevent ticks?

Here at Romney Pest Control, we recommend the following tick prevention tips:

  • Discuss tick and flea prevention methods with your veterinarian.
  • Keep grass trimmed and remove overgrowth.
  • Remove bird feeders and other food sources that attract wildlife.
  • Move picnic tables, swing sets, and outdoor lawn furniture away from trees and shrubs.
  • Vacuum areas where your pet(s) spend time and wash bedding.
  • Always inspect yourself, family members, and pets for ticks after spending time outdoors.
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