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Four Quick & Simple Spider Prevention Tips For Your Houston Home

Mar 9, 2021

Spiders are some of the most hated pests on the planet. They arouse so much fear in people, there is a known psychological phobia of them, called arachnophobia. It could be the long, scraggly legs or bead-like eyes that creep folks out. Their super gummy webs aren’t desirable either. The fact that their bodies are full of poisonous venom sends the scare factor through the roof. No Houston home or business owner wants to have to worry about spiders or their bites, so preventing these pests is a must.

Common spiders in the Houston area include the American house spider and the black widow spider:

American house spiders: These usually have yellow-brown bodies with chevron prints and eight legs. They love room corners. If you’re bitten by one, you’ll experience temporary pain and swelling.

Black widow spiders: These bugs are considered lethal and a medical threat. Their venom can cause the human nervous system to fail. Black and shiny, their bodies are 1/8 to 1/2 an inch long. You’ll see a mark on their abdomen that’s shaped like an hourglass. Garages, basements, and closets are where they normally hide.

By learning a little more about spiders and how to keep them away, you can put yourself way ahead of any spider’s game. These four helpful tips will give you the knowledge you need to stay safe, sound, and protected from spiders.

Tip #1: Take Care Of The Interior

Cleaning your interior space may seem like a given, but there are specific things you should do. Make sure you store food and garbage in containers that have tight lids; not only will this provide protection, but it will reduce possible food sources. If you find any webs, don’t hesitate to sweep them up. You want to avoid allowing spiders to have a comfortable place to exist and keep their prey. If you do nothing else, cut down on clutter. Spiders like the American house spider thrive when they have spots to hide and get cozy.

Tip #2: Patch Up Potential Entrances

The majority of spiders will find their way into your home or business through holes around the structure; for instance, an opening in a wall. Examine your property and see if you notice any cracks and crevices near foundations, windows, and doors. Screens must be intact. Doors facing the outside should have sweeps added. Pay attention to moisture malfunctions — any leaks or dripping fixtures should be repaired right away. Use air conditioning and/or a dehumidifier to control the warmth and moisture. Many spiders are drawn to dampness and humidity.

Tip #3: Be Mindful Of Your Land And Exteriors

It’s easy to get so caught up in managing your interiors that you forget to take a look outside. Lawn care and exterior maintenance are crucial in warding off spiders and keeping them away. Several species, such as black widows, flourish in natural settings and organic matter. Considering this, you want to get all debris off of your yard. If you have fire logs or loose chunks of wood, stack them two or more feet away from your home or business. This goes for plants and flowers too; they should be distanced. Cut your grass regularly and remove weeds.

Tip #4: Call Romney Pest Control

Spiders primarily consume other pests. Therefore, pest remediation is very necessary. We at Romney Pest Control have cost-effective plans that will address a wide range of pests. Our trained and licensed technicians will employ custom treatments that will quickly rid your home or business of spiders and their prey. Our products aren’t noxious or dangerous for humans and pets. When you call today, you’ll receive a free quote. Give us a ring!


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