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Year-Round Termites In Houston Require A Year-Round Solution

Jul 26, 2019

You’ve probably heard that we have termites here in the Greater Houston area. Have you also heard that we have the worst termites in the United States? Sadly, it’s true. The subterranean termites we deal with cost U.S. property owners billions of dollars each year. All other termites have an annual cost in the hundreds of millions. This is because subterranean termites come up from the ground and feed on the inside of the wood of our homes and businesses and leave little or no sign of their presence. When they come to feed on your Houston property, they will do it secretly, choosing to hide in complete darkness and sealed inside their tunnels. This can happen any time of year in Houston because it rarely gets cold enough to slow these termites down. How do you deal with sneaky, wood-destroying pests that can feed all year long on your Houston home? You invest in Sentricon!

What Is Sentricon?

The Sentricon System with Always Active is a termite control solution that uses bait— but not just any bait. The bait in Sentricon is scientifically proven to be more interesting to termites than wood. That is saying something when wood is the primary food source termites feed on. As worker termites take the bait, they share it from termite to termite. The active ingredient in Sentricon works its way back to the colony, and eliminates it.

Always Active All Year Long

Sentricon is always active. While liquid termiticides treatments slowly break down over time, Sentricon gets better and better with age. This is because termites are drawn to decaying wood. It is much easier for a termite to make a meal out of wood that has been softened with age. The Sentricon bait is already a succulent tenderness, but with each passing year it gets more tender.

The Always Active of Sentricon also means that it works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to actively eliminate colonies that attack your home. That is good news because subterranean termites are simple organisms that don’t require sleep.

Termites in Houston are destructive pests that can eat away at the equity of your home or business. Protect your property with the award-winning Sentricon System. Contact Romney Pest Control for service in Dallas/Ft. Worth or San Antonio. We are a Certified Sentricon Installer and a trusted Texas pest control provider. We can help you safeguard your investment from infestation through our effective termite control solutions.


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