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Cockroaches In Houston Are Not Just Scary, They Are Dangerous

Jul 31, 2019

In nature, cockroaches play an important role. They eat decaying material and process it into waste. Their waste is left on the ground and it provides vital nutrients for the soil. But more than this, they help to release nitrogen from decaying organic matter. Rotting organisms trap nitrogen inside. Through feeding and the production of waste, cockroaches put that nitrogen back into the soil. This is important because plants can’t get nitrogen from the air. They draw it from the soil. But this process of eating decaying material and processing it into waste makes cockroaches dangerous in an urban landscape. Let’s take a look at two examples of how this works.

From Trash To Table

Dumpers, trash cans, trash heaps, fruit rotting on the ground and other forms of trash are an attraction for cockroaches. When they consume this organic matter in these locations they pick up harmful bacteria and other organisms. For these locations, they carry organisms into Houston homes and climb on tables, kitchen counters, dishes, silverware, cutting boards, and other sensitive surfaces. They also get into food-storage areas and contaminate food.

If cockroaches get into your Houston home, they do this inside your home as well. They’ll go from your trash to sensitive surfaces in a matter of seconds.

Cockroaches Eat Feces

Sewer culverts are a common location to find cockroaches because these insects feed on raw sewage. As they feed in feces, they are exposed to organisms, parasitic worms, and pathogens, which they bring into homes and spread by contact with sensitive surfaces or by leaving their waste everywhere they roam.

If cockroaches get into your Houston home, they are able to transfer sickness-causing pathogens and organisms without leaving your home. They can acquire them from cat litter boxes, toilet seat rims, a dirty diaper in a trash bin and more.

The Bottom Line

Cockroaches are linked to the spread of 33 types of harmful bacteria such as E. coli and Salmonella. They are known to spread more than 7 human pathogens and at least 6 parasitic worms. Studies have also shown that cockroaches in an urban landscape present a serious risk to people who suffer from Asthma symptoms, resulting in higher hospitalization rates. If all this isn’t enough, cockroaches can bite when their populations get too large.

If you’re seeing cockroaches in Houston, contact the cockroach control experts right away. Here at Romney Pest Control, we offer professional cockroach control treatments and ongoing residential pest control programs that include coverage for cockroaches. Reach out to us today for immediate assistance!


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