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Using Boric Acid To Control Fire Ants in Dallas

Sep 10, 2022

All ants are a pain, but fire ants inflict biting stings that make them a more severe problem. Unfortunately, it’s something Dallas residents are all too aware of. If you have a fire ant issue, you likely found out from experiencing their painful bites and want to get rid of them as soon as possible. 

An internet search will yield various “solutions” to controlling fire ants, and a common remedy you will come across is boric acid. But is using boric acid to control fire ants in Dallas safe and effective? We will provide you with all the necessary details below. 

Are Fire Ants Harmful to People?

There are over 12,000 ant species worldwide, and while some can spread harmful bacteria and diseases most of these ants do not pose any threat to humans. A fire ant will sting if its mound is disturbed or if it feels threatened. You’ll notice that we have been using “sting” and “bite” interchangeably thus far because technically fire ants do both! According to Texas A&M, the fire ant hangs on to you by its mandible while it stings you repeatedly. 

The fire ant’s venom causes swelling, itching, and burning sensation. If you are allergic to fire ant venom, the swelling will be more severe, and you may need to see a medical professional. 

Does Boric Acid Kill Fire Ants?

Boric acid is meant to be used as baiting material for fire ants: the ants will consume it and take it into the nest, spreading the agent throughout the colony. When administered correctly, a boric acid bait will kill fire ants. 

Research has produced differing success rates for boric acid treatments. At one point, the idea was written off as ineffective. Recent studies, however, point out that boric acid successfully kills fire ants when used in a small enough concentration.

Things To Remember When Using Boric Acid to Control Fire Ants

Boric acid is a proven method to kill fire ants but keep in mind a couple of things to effectively and safely eliminate the problem.

Boric Acid Is a Poison

Boric acid kills these ants because it is poisonous. Therefore, adequate safety measures must be in place when handling this chemical. Don’t forget your safety gloves, proper disposal of contaminated containers, and secure storing location for the acid. Also, keep boric acid far away from pets and children! 

Professional Treatment Will Last Longer

While boric acid can reduce your fire ant problem, a professional Dallas pest control service has the proper materials and expert knowledge to eliminate the ants for good. Additionally, boric acid treatments only last if done precisely, using exact concentrations. 

Therefore, it’s always best to consult experts instead of dealing with harmful pests and hazardous chemicals on your own.

Other Ways To Control Fire Ants

Boric acid isn’t the best treatment for everyone to use against fire ants. Here are some alternatives for controlling fire ants in Dallas: 

Bait Traps

You can buy commercially produced bait traps at any gardening or hardware store. The ants will be attracted to the bait and they’ll bring it back to spread in their colony. 

Commercial Repellents

Also available at your local gardening and hardware stores are various ant repellent sprays. Though simple and generally effective, monitor the ingredients if you are sensitive to certain chemicals. 

Professional Exterminators

If you have a persistent fire ant problem, the top recommended solution is to consult a professional pest control company. 

Professional Ant Exterminators Dallas, TX

Using boric acid to control fire ants in Dallas homes can help eliminate your fire ant problem. However, they can be more than a pesky inconvenience. Fire ants pose a painful threat to you and your family and calling professional exterminators may be a better option. 

If you are experiencing a fire ant problem, our friendly team of experienced professionals is here to help. For over ten years, Romney Pest Control has provided home pest control services to Dallas residents and all Texans. Call today for a free quote!


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