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How To Keep Flies Out of Your Lewisville Home

Sep 10, 2022

Anyone who has come across a fly knows that they’re a nuisance. Their buzz sets one’s nerves on edge, they’re unsightly, and they’re a health hazard: flies lay eggs in your food, making it unsafe for consumption, and their feeding process involves regurgitating onto your food before eating it. 

Knowing how to keep flies out of your Lewisville home is the first step in taking positive action toward fly prevention.

How to Keep Flies Out Naturally

Having a few natural remedy tricks to assist in fly prevention is a great way to take action when other methods may not be readily available. Here are some of the most common.

Hanging Bags of Water

Hanging bags of water can reflect light and distort a fly’s vision. However, this method can take more bags than some are willing to use and it isn’t always practical with more significant swarms of flies.

Citronella Candles

Citronella candles are renowned for their abilities as insect repellants. The problem, however, tends to be that their effect is limited to the physical space around the candles, meaning you’d have to purchase large quantities to create a comfortable, insect-free space.

Use Fly Traps

We are all familiar with the various fly traps available. However, one thing that many forget is that the traps attract flies, so you’d likely find yourself with a never-ending problem of flies.

Install Yellow Light Bulbs

Yellow lighting is an effective fly repellent, but you’ll run into the same problem as with the citronella candles. In order for yellow lighting to give you an insect-free space, you’d have to surround your property with them.

Make Your Home Uninviting to Flies

The tools listed above are great solutions to a present fly problem. Here are some things you can do to prevent them in the first place:

  • Keep garbage cans clean
  • Ensure pet feces in the yard are removed
  • Use blue lights to attract flies elsewhere

These can all be solid options to lower the desirability of your home to a fly.

How To Get Rid of Flies

If prevention fails, changing the question from how to keep flies out of your home to ways that remove the tiny terrors becomes the only option.


Sometimes, using a professional fly control service is the only way to effectively guarantee the removal of a fly infestation. Flies can carry diseases such as Typhoid, E. coli, and Salmonella. Luckily, Romney Pest Control has been providing the highest quality pest control in Texas for over ten years and can ensure the following:

  • Our pest control services are available in Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston areas
  • Top-of-the-line treatments
  • A team of experienced, highly-trained professionals
  • Effective and thorough commercial and residential pest control service


You can significantly reduce infestation by taking a few simple steps outside the home. 

  1. Moving mulch piles away from your home will help reduce the number of flies in the vicinity. Unfortunately, flies use these as breeding grounds, quickly escalating the problem inside the house.
  2. Keeping waste, food, and garbage sealed and away from windows and doors will prevent these sources of attraction from welcoming unwanted guests.
  3. Regularly check your lawn for pet and other animal feces to prevent the flies that get in from tracking animal waste onto your food.
  4. By planting certain plants like mint, basil, or lavender on your lawn, you may be able to repel flies and other pests before they even get a chance to enter your home.

Got Flies? We Can Help!

Flies breed quickly, carry disease, and can become a cause for concern. Knowing how to keep flies out of your home can’t replace professional help. Be sure to call Romney Pest Control for your free quote today.


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