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Tips To Keep Silverfish From Invading Your Houston Home

Nov 28, 2019

At only about ¾ of an inch long or smaller, an adult silverfish isn’t much to look at. And their larvae are even smaller. But these tiny, silver, catfish-shaped insects can cause a lot of problems when they get into a home. If you’re noticing silverfish in your bathroom, washroom, basement or some other location in your home, we have a few tips for how you can deal with them.

Silverfish 101

These mysterious insects aren’t actually all that mysterious. If you have them in your home, there are three reasons why: You have damp areas around your home, you have humid locations inside your home, and you have entry points. Correcting these issues can help you get control of silverfish.

Silverfish Management

Damp Areas Around Your Home – Houston can get pretty damp. So you may be thinking, “What can I do about damp areas around my home?” Actually, there is a lot you can do. While you can’t control how much rain we get, you can reduce how much of that rain soaks into the foundation perimeter around your home.

If your gutters are in good working order and they are free of obstructions, the rainwater will be channeled down and away from your home. This can have an amazing impact on how much dampness you have near your home.

If you remove unwanted vegetation from your landscaping and create space between your plants, the air can flow through and dry the top soil after it rains or after you water your plants.
If you trim tree branches to allow sunlight into areas that are densely shaded, it can provide just a little bit more drying power.

Humid Locations Inside Your Home – There are many ways a home can be humid enough for these moisture pests. If you’re able to alter these conditions, you may be able to make it dry enough to drive silverfish out.

  • Moist pipes that have condensation on them can increase the humidity under sinks and create the perfect environment for silverfish. A plumber can help correct this.
  • Hot water left in jetted tubs between uses can fill a bathroom with humidity. Refrain from doing this or run the fan in the bathroom to remove some humidity.
  • Basements that do not have adequate air flow can become damp. Dehumidifiers can make a big difference.
  • Leaking faucets create dampness in sinks, bathtubs and showers and this adds to the humidity in your bathroom. This is something you can probably fix on your own.

Entry Points – Silverfish don’t chew their way into your home. They are not wood-eating pests. They practically eat everything else, but they don’t eat wood. That means they need entry points to get into your home. These are holes created by other pests like mice, rats, carpenter ants, etc. They may also be gaps, cracks and holes that need to be sealed. Here are some trouble spots.

  • Rotted sills. These are also called sole plates.
  • Torn window screens, especially in basement windows.
  • Gaps in weatherstripping or door sweeps.
  • Broken seals around window and door frames.
  • Broken seals around plumbing or wire conduit.
  • Cracks in foundation walls.
  • Cracks in mortar.

Houston silverfish don’t need much of an invitation to come into Houston homes. All it takes is some dampness and a path to get to moistened wood or a hollow, humid area. If you’re seeing silverfish in your home, and you don’t want to go through all the trouble of trying to make your home resistant to silverfish, we offer ongoing, year-round pest control that provides coverage for silverfish. This is an essential service every Houston home should have. Let this silverfish problem be the inspiration that drives you to take this important step for the protection of your health and property. You’ll be glad you did. Reach out today.


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