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What Are These Creepy Looking Crickets In My Houston Basement?

Nov 26, 2019

What’s in a name? When it comes to insect names, a lot actually. Spider crickets are a great example of this. These crickets actually look a bit like spiders, especially when you see them clinging to your dimly lit basement walls. This is because they have leg joints that are above the body, like many spiders. But, unlike spiders, spider crickets can leap several feet, and they are prone to leaping directly at people who startle them. This can be more than a little nerve-racking.

Spider crickets are also called cave crickets. This name gives some insight into why they’re in your basement. They like to crawl on hard surfaces in cool, dark, humid locations. Your basement feels like a cave to them. When they slipped through gaps, cracks or holes in your exterior, those crickets probably thought they found a nice cave to live in. They don’t know the cave belongs to you. You can make it feel less like home if you add dehumidifiers, fans and lots of light.Spider crickets are also called camel crickets. This name can help you with identification. The body of a spider/camel cricket has a rounded hump. It is also a tan color, like a camel. But, unlike a camel, these crickets are highly dependent on moisture.

Other Cricket Control Ideas

If you’re finding these Houston crickets in your basement, you can reduce their numbers by laying sticky traps down. This, combined with a detailed inspection of your exterior foundation and the sealing of entry points, can help you get control of your spider cricket problem. But keep in mind that spider crickets can live inside wall voids, and an extensive cricket problem may require a systematic approach that only a licensed professional can perform. If you need help with this, and you are in our Houston service area, remember that we’re always standing by to help.

The licensed and experienced pest control professionals at Romney Pest Control use field-tested methods and products to locate and eliminate pests like spider/cave/camel crickets. While these pests go by a lot of names, at the end of the day, they’re all just Rhaphidophoridae Sp. That’s their scientific name. And they all require the same pest control methods to control them. Whether you have crickets in your basement or you’d like to never have crickets in your basement, the team at Romney Pest Control can help. Reach out to us today for immediate service.


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