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The Most Common Ticks in San Antonio: Prevention and Risks

May 1, 2023

If you live in San Antonio, it’s essential to be aware of the various types of ticks within the area, and the diseases they can transmit. They run rampant in the city, while the most common ticks in San Antonio are known carriers of Lyme-causing bacteria. Ticks are incredibly small, making them an underreported threat. 

Romney Pest Control offers the highest quality tick removal and control services to Texas residents living in San Antonio.

What Types of Ticks Are Common in San Antonio?

Here are some of the most prevalent ticks in San Antonio:

  • Black-Legged Ticks: The most common ticks in San Antonio. Also known as “deer ticks,” they are prevalent in wooded or unkept areas, and can transmit Lyme Disease. They feed on wildlife, and are known for their dark, black legs.
  • Brown Dog Ticks: As their name suggests, brown dog ticks prefer feeding on canines. They’re reddish-brown in color and may cause canine ehrlichiosis – a potentially serious illness affecting dogs’ immune systems.  
  • Lone Star Ticks: These ticks are found in wooded areas and can transmit Southern Tick-Associated Rash Illness (STARI) and cause severe allergy to red meat. These ticks are extremely tiny and brown in color.

It’s important to note that tick-borne diseases can cause severe symptoms, which can become debilitating if left untreated. Due to their small appearance, ticks are easily missed and can infect someone without them ever knowing. 

What Diseases Can Ticks in San Antonio Transmit?

Ticks are not merely an annoyance, but also pose serious health risks by transmitting bacteria and viruses to people and pets. 

These bacteria, like Bartonella, can result in immune system dysfunction, autoimmune conditions, neurologic conditions, and chronic joint pain/fatigue. 

Here’s a list of some other diseases and viruses that these ticks can potentially spread:

It’s probably a little reassuring to know that tick bites do not always result in illness. 

However, if you find a tick on your body or experience symptoms like severe headache, weakness, or fever, it is crucial to seek immediate medical attention. If you manage to catch the tick, you need to remove it carefully using fine point tweezers. Do not squeeze, pinch, twist, or break the body. 

How to Prevent Tick Bites in San Antonio

To ensure safety from tick bites, preventive measures must be taken if you live in an area with known tick populations.

Manage Wildlife

One of the primary ways ticks find their way onto residential property is through contact with wildlife. To minimize risk, try to manage wildlife populations around your property by removing potential food sources such as bird feeders or open garbage cans.

Eliminate Rodents

Rodents like mice help to spread tick populations into residential areas. Getting rid of mice or rodent infestation is essential to controlling tick populations. Reports indicate up to 90 percent of mice contain Borrelia burgdorferi, the bacterium that causes Lyme. 

Protect Pets

After spending any prolonged time outdoors, thoroughly check your pets for any ticks. Dogs are particularly susceptible. If you find any ticks on your dog, remove them immediately with fine-point tweezers. 

Prevent Bites

When venturing into tick-infested areas such as tall grasses or woodland, always wear long sleeves, pants tucked into socks, light-colored clothing, and use insect repellent on exposed skin. 

If you need assistance with tick control or removal in San Antonio, reach out today to schedule service! Our protective treatments can help reduce the risk of contracting vector-borne disease.

Getting Rid of Ticks in San Antonio

Ticks put you in danger. The most common ticks in San Antonio are Black-Legged Ticks, which are known to transmit Lyme disease. Romney Pest Control can help you get rid of infestation. We offer eco-friendly solutions that eliminate tick infestations on your residential or commercial property. Our treatments cover both interior and exterior, and provide a permanent solution that retail products can’t match. Get a free quote when you call our team of experts at Romney Pest Control today and start to enjoy a tick-free property!


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