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How to Get Rid of Termites in Forney Homes

Nov 14, 2022

While termites do not pose an immediate health risk to humans by biting or transferring deadly diseases like cockroaches, mosquitoes, or rodents, it would nevertheless be an understatement to say that these pests are some of the most destructive creatures that can invade your home. 

These minuscule-sized insects can wreak havoc on your Forney Home by chewing away the wooden structures of your home, including drywall, insulation, and even expensive furniture. 

So, how to get rid of termites in homes? Keep reading…

How to Identify a Termite Problem

While termites are mysterious creatures that remain hidden from your view, several subtle yet noticeable warning signs indicate their presence in your home.

Mud Tubes

Subterranean termites create pencil-sized mud tubes using wood and soil on foundation walls, serving as a travel passage to the wood they eat.


Termite droppings, or frass, that appear like tiny oval pellets or piles of sawdust are telltale signs of a termite infestation.

Hollow Wood

Termites chew the walls from the inside, resulting in extensive damage. That results in an empty hollow sound upon tapping or knocking on the wood. 

Peeling Paint

Bubbling or peeling paint occurs when termites eat the wood behind the painted surface, allowing moisture to enter the space.

Swarm Evidence

Termites shed their wings when they leave to mate and establish new colonies so they can enter tighter spaces. If you notice transparent wings piled up in your home, it could be a sign of termites.

Head Banging 

Soldier termites hit their heads against the walls when they perceive a threat to alert the colony, creating a clicking, rattling sound from within the walls. 

Seeing Live Termites

Perhaps the most obvious indication of a termite infestation on your hands is spotting live termites. However, it is essential to differentiate termites from flying ants as they appear similar. 

Here’s How to Get Rid of Termites in Your Home

The following are some simple yet effective steps to take to get rid of termites in your home and keep them away for good:

Eliminate Moisture

As the name indicates, damp wood termites typically feed on moist, decaying wood, thriving in humid environments. Some common sources of moisture that create a hospitable environment for termites include stagnant water around your foundation, poor drainage, leaky pipes, and poor airflow in humid areas of the home. 

Repair Leaks

As mentioned, moisture is termites’ best friend. Addressing leaks immediately is an indispensable aspect of making your home less appealing to termites. Plumbing leakages or those in the roof or basement must be fixed promptly before they attract termites to it.

Declutter Your House

Besides food and water, clutter is an appealing sign for almost any pest to invade your home, as it provides a safe place to hide and take shelter. Therefore, to keep these creepy crawlies away from your home, it is crucial to remove excess clutter by discarding old, unused items, including stacks of newspapers, magazines, cardboard boxes, and other purposes fewer items that may provide harborage to these pests.

Keep a Distance Between Soil and Wood

As termites establish colonies below the house, keeping wooden structures away from the soil in your garden can minimize the risk of termites attacking your home’s foundation and furniture. Therefore, maintaining a distance of about 18 inches between soil and wood using stones or cement can serve as an effective physical barrier. 

Use Borate

Spraying borax on wood is an effective treatment method to deal with termites in the long term. Borate absorbs into the wood, acting as a barrier against termite attacks. It is ideal to use it before priming or painting the wood. 

Place Infected Items in the Sun

Sunlight exposure is perhaps the most effective way to kill termites naturally. If there is any item in your house infested with termites, such as furniture, placing it outside under the direct sun for a few days is a viable way to kill the termites that have attacked it by eliminating moisture from the piece.

Effective Termite Control in Forney

Termites are clever insects that can destroy your house without you noticing. If you spot any signs of termites in your home, it is vital to act swiftly and take appropriate measures to get rid of the problem.

Scheduling an inspection by a professional pest extermination company will prevent or contain an infestation and resolve the problem for good. Romney Pest Control offers home and commercial pest control for termites and all other pests throughout the DFW metropolitan area and surrounding areas. Don’t let your home be taken by these silent destroyers. Schedule a professional termite inspection with us today for a safe, pest-free home!


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