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How To Spot if You Have Bed Bugs in Your San Antonio Home

Nov 14, 2022

A bed bug infestation is a sure way to ruin a good night’s sleep. Bed bugs can cause itchiness, and the larvae often go undetected. Their small size also allows them to stay hidden and bite you while you’re sleeping. 

Right now you may be asking yourself, what do bed bugs look like? Below we’ll help you understand what they look like and what to do if you find them around your San Antonio property. 

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

Adult bed bugs are as big as apple seeds, are a reddish brown color, and their shape resembles that of an apple seed as well. A bed bug goes through 5 different stages in their lifespans, and the first instar nymph is the hardest to spot. These bugs hatch out of the eggs and are hard to see unless they move or the infestation reaches a critical mass making it impossible to miss. Immature bed bugs are tinier than adult bugs, but their body color is white-yellow, becoming a living camouflage for most beds. 

Bed bug eggs are about the size of a pinhead, pearly white-colored, and can be very hard to see. These small eggs are often laid in out-of-the-way places like light sockets, in furniture, closets, and other similarly discreet areas. 

You Can’t Always Tell a Bed Bug From Its Bite

It’s easy to conclude bed bugs are hiding in your bed from an overnight bite. However, that shouldn’t be the only evidence to say it came from a bed bug. Different bugs produce different types of bug bites. A mosquito can leave behind an itchy welt after protruding the skin, and ticks aim for the moist parts of your body.

When it comes to bed bug bites, they’re often small, red bites that can resemble other insects. However, bed bugs will often leave a cluster of bites or a line of bites on the parts of your body that are exposed while you’re sleeping. 

How To Spot if You Have Bed Bugs

The best way to spot a bed bug infestation is by inspecting the bed thoroughly. The small cracks around your bed or edges can hide bed bugs. Small black spots scattered around the bed can also indicate bed bugs because these insects leave behind feces wherever they go. If you look closer, you can also find blood spots that resemble a rust stain from where the blood meal occurred.

Once you spot the first signs of a bed bug infestation, check all nearby areas. The pillows, cushions, mattress tags, and even zippers can harbor a hiding place for a bed bug. If you find any bed bugs or eggs, contact a pest control company right away. Bed bugs are very resilient and require professional intervention as well as multiple treatments to eliminate them completely. If you life in the San Antonio area, give the team at Romney Pest Control a call for fast, guaranteed results. 


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