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How Dangerous Are Fleas In My Houston Home?

Mar 9, 2021

The city of Houston has plenty of places to go for fun outdoor activities. There are picturesque parks for walking, skating, or having a picnic. You could get some fresh air and enjoy nature–if you aren’t confronted by aggravating and/or dangerous pests. The sky above your head and the ground beneath your feet is littered with insects and creatures. Some bite or sting, while others scratch and cause damage. Even more alarming is that many can spread diseases. 
Some think fleas are no big deal because they’re so common, but these tiny pests are a huge threat. In history, they’ve been the cause or agent behind significant plagues. They bite humans and domestic animals. Given that they multiply so fast, you could have a problem in the blink of an eye. Learn what you’re facing with these bugs and how Romney Pest Control can help.

How Do Fleas Get In? What Are the Risks?

Fleas are hard to see because they’re so small, being 0.09 of an inch long. They have shiny reddish-brown bodies that are compressed. Despite not having wings, these bugs can soar great distances. Their legs enable them to jump high so they can cling onto the fur of pets. Your clothes are also something they can get to. Fleas will ride along with you inside your house, and then hop off to carpeting, fabrics, and areas inhabited by your domestic animals. If they are lacking a pet for a blood meal, they’ll gravitate to the nearest human or creature. The latter includes rodents, squirrels, and other pests.

The main signs of infestation are:

  • Seeing your pet constantly scratch itself.
  • Finding red and itchy bites on your body.
  • Discovering peppery matter on pet bedding and rugs; it’s likely flea feces.
  • Noticing flea eggs around furniture, carpets, floor voids, and animal spots.

In addition to plagues, fleas are associated with tapeworms, typhus, parasitic bacterial diseases, and many other conditions. Some people experience intense skin irritation and allergic reactions when bitten by these bugs. Further, some have been known to develop anemia when they have a severe infestation. Try to resist the urge to scratch flea bites. If you cut your skin, you may end up with a secondary infection.

Fleas live in woody locations with dense grass and vegetation. They surround ditches and ponds too. These insects favor shade, sand, and moisture. On human properties, they’ll creep beneath organic debris, porches, shrubs, and rocks. Despite their preferences for outdoor settings, they can easily breed indoors.

How Can You Prevent Fleas?

To keep fleas out of your yard, and out of your home, it is important to make your yard unappealing to animals that can carry fleas into your yard, animals such as rodents and wildlife.

  • Remove clutter where animals can hide on your property.
  • Remove water sources that animals can use as drinking holes.
  • Cut your grass and greenery often.
  • Put gravel down around the property perimeter. Don’t use soil.
  • Be in touch with your pet’s veterinarian about flea deterrence and treatment.
  • Examine and groom your animal’s hair frequently.
  • Rugs should be vacuumed routinely.
  • Call Romney Pest Control if you have pests that fleas will target.
  • Look over second-hand furniture and carpeting before use. 

What Can Romney Pest Control Do About Fleas?

We at Romney Pest Control have a bevy of service awards because we offer quality and comprehensive care. Our packages consist of coverage for numerous critters, guarantees, specialized treatments, interior and exterior evaluations, and more. Our insured and licensed technicians will apply safe solutions to eliminate fleas. Get back to resting easily in your home! Call us today for a free quote!


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