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Houston’s Complete Guide To Effective Earwig Control

Mar 9, 2021

Earwigs, or Euborellia annulipes (Lucas) as they’re formally known, are common bugs in Houston, Texas. They look scary with pincers on the back of their bodies but are generally just nuisances.

Earwigs have flattened bodies that are black or brown, leathery wings that generally do not fly, and typically grow to be an inch long. Some species emit a foul pungent odor, so even if you don’t physically notice them present, that could still be a sign that they’re present and not too far away.

Where Do Earwigs Live?

You generally find earwigs outside. They are nocturnal creatures that like to spend their days outside hidden under rocks, plant debris, and bark. Inside, they hide in dark, cool, moist places, and they’re more likely to come inside through cases of extremely hot, cool, or dry weather.

Outside, earwigs eat insects, lichen, moss, and fungi. Inside, they primarily eat greasy, sweet, or oily foods. They might also eat your houseplants, depending on the species of earwigs present in your home.

Earwig Life Cycle

Female earwigs make a chamber in the dirt and lay 20-300 eggs, and they will guard the eggs and newly hatched nymphs. After their first molt, the nymphs leave the nest and are on their own. These nymphs do not have wings, but otherwise resemble adults. Earwigs produce two generations a year in Houston, Texas, and ones that enter the home generally die of starvation before they lay eggs.

Do Earwigs Get in Your Ears?

The old wives’ tale that earwigs will climb into your ears and enter your brain while you sleep is simply not true. Earwigs are no more likely to climb in your ears than any other insect, and will only bite if they are trapped because you sit on them or grab them.

How Do I Prevent Earwigs from Coming Inside My House?

Because of their flattened bodies, earwigs can easily enter your home through tiny cracks. You will have to find and seal all the cracks and crevasses in your home, especially around pipes. Check that window screens are in good shape and the weatherstripping under your doors is intact, fix any leaky pipes, and eliminate other moist spots in the house.

Remove clutter, especially old magazines or other objects that earwigs can hide under.  Make sure the lids of any indoor trashcans you have are on tight, especially in the kitchen. Outside, remove excessive mulch and ornamental stones closer than six inches to the foundation. Eliminate moist spots in crawl spaces, especially around air conditioners and pipes, and have gutter spouts empty their water well away from the foundation.

Place traps for earwigs around plants and other places you find them outside. Leave rolled-up newspapers, corrugated cardboard, or pieces of your hose there. In the morning, simply shape the traps into a jar filled with soapy water and the earwigs will drown.  Replace the traps and repeat until you no longer catch any earwigs. Then pick up your traps to avoid attracting any more of the pests.

Call Romney Pest Control for Recurring Problems with Earwigs

Because of the humid environment in Houston, Texas, earwigs are a problem to eliminate; you kill one and more show up. When all else fails, count on Romney Pest Control. They will come out and inspect your home inside and out, remove external cobwebs and wasp nests, then inspect entry points that allow earwigs to enter your home, and make their own.

Romney Pest Control then gives you a full report of their findings, controls earwigs outside before they get inside, and any earwigs inside will also be killed. They can follow-up with regular pest treatments to be sure earwigs never bother you again.  Contact us or  Call (281) 781-7650 to get started today. 



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