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Four Easy Yet Effective Pest Prevention Tips For San Antonio Homeowners

Mar 9, 2021

Between the dangers they bring to humans they live near and the damages they leave behind, a pest infestation is a problem no one wants to have on their hands. Unfortunately, the climate in San Antonio makes it a perfect breeding ground for a number of problematic pests, making prevention essential for homeowners that want to keep their families safe and their homes in pristine condition.

When it comes to pests, there is an unfortunate misconception among many people that if you don’t see the pest, there’s no problem. The truth is actually the opposite: the worst pests can often stay active in and around your home for days or even weeks before you become aware of them. By that point, severe damage has already taken place and hazardous elements could have been introduced into your home.

The only good pest problem is the one that never happens in the first place. In this blog, we’ll detail four essential tips San Antonio homeowners can use to mitigate their risk for numerous pests that call Texas home, as well as what they should do if prevention fails and pests get onto your property.

Tip #1 Clean Up Thoroughly and Often

Pests are always in search of three resources: food, water, and shelter. If you fail to clean up your home often, you could be putting yourself at risk for a pest infestation. Ants and cockroaches will attack any food you’ve left out, rats and mice will turn clutter and trash into nesting materials, and other pests like spiders will find no shortage of hiding spots around to invade.

This is why keeping your home clean is priority number one when it comes to pest prevention. Do a regular deep-clean of your home, leaving no corner or space unattended to. While cleaning, remember to:

  • Move appliances so you can clean around and beneath them
  • Keep closets and storage areas neat
  • Wipe down surfaces with sanitary wipes and dust often
  • Vacuum rugs and carpeting weekly
  • Keep pantries and cabinets free of crumbs
  • Avoid leaving dirty dishes out overnight
  • Keep garbage stored in tightly-sealed containers
  • Store any pet food in tightly-sealed containers kept off the ground

Keeping things clean will not only give numerous pests fewer reasons to invade your home in the first place, but also make it much easier to identify a pest infestation should one occur.

Tip #2 Outdoor Preparation

Pests most often get into your home from your lawn, so after cleaning the home it’s time to focus on cleaning up the yard. Lawn and exterior care are essential to warding off pests. Here are some tips you should follow to help:

  • Mow the grass regularly
  • Keep the lawn free of any toys, boxes, tires, or other clutter
  • Clean the interior of sheds, greenhouses, and pet houses regularly
  • Keep vegetation cut back away from the exterior of the home, especially the treeline
  • Store leaf and compost piles at least 20 feet away from the home’s exterior
  • Don’t leave food outside after parties or picnics

By minimizing how appealing your yard is to problematic pests, you’re simultaneously helping keep them from becoming attracted to the resources they might detect inside your home.

Tip #3 Fix Things Up

Now that you’ve done what you can to remove anything that could attract pests to your property, it’s time to start repairing any gaps in your defenses that could allow them inside. Inspect around your home’s exterior thoroughly for any holes or gaps pests could use to get inside. Keep in mind that even larger pests like rodents can squeeze into holes the size of a nickel, so even the smallest hole needs to be repaired.

Typical entry points for pests include gaps around:

  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Foundations
  • Utilities
  • Wiring
  • Vents

While some of these areas you can probably seal using caulk, other areas may require professional help to seal effectively. However, in addition to creating direct obstacles to pest entry, fixing holes and gaps around these areas can also help eliminate moisture and humidity problems that create pest-conducive conditions – leaving you in better shape for the future.

Tip #4 Call Romney Pest Control

Unfortunately, most homeowners aren’t equipped with the tools and pest knowledge necessary to completely defend their homes on their own. Luckily, there is a solution: call the professionals at Romney Pest Control for help.

The skilled technicians at Romney Pest Control will perform a detailed inspection of your home and land to locate any pests on the property as well as how they’re getting in. From there, we’ll work with you to create a custom plan to treat affected areas. 
Don’t leave your home at risk for infestation from the various dangerous and destructive pest species that call San Antonio home. Contact the pest professionals at Romney for help today and keep your home protected for tomorrow.


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