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Dallas Property Owners’ Step-By-Step Guide To Effective Spider Control

Sep 23, 2020

People are right to be afraid of spiders. Not only are the eight-legged critters creepy to look at, but they are also often a sign of a larger pest infestation on your property. Despite most common spiders being harmless to people, you don’t want them on your property. Learning how to protect your property from spiders, and the many bugs they hunt, will help you stay pest-free.

Common Area Spiders: What To Look For

Most of the spiders you’re likely to run into are relatively harmless to people. While they all bite, only a few are dangerous enough to cause symptoms worse than an itchy welt. The term house spider refers to a host of spider species that can range in size and color. All of them leave behind nuisance webs and act as a sign that other bugs are nearby to prey on.

The three worst spider infestations to have are as follows:

Brown Recluse

Considered to have the most dangerous venom of all North American spiders, a brown recluse bite can lead to necrosis or death of skin cells around the area of the bite.

Black Widow

Iconic for their all-black color and bright hourglass mark on their bellies, black widows are rarely seen but dangerous to have around. Like recluses, black widow bites lead to worsened symptoms, like nausea and vomiting and in rare cases can be fatal.

Wolf Spider

While not as venomous as the others on this list, wolf spiders are scary predators and grow to several inches in total leg span. These furry hunters like to hide in dark areas.

Spider Prevention Means Pest Protection

Spiders only invade a property in search of small insects to prey upon. They don’t forage for food or materials and typically hide in the shadows until night. As such, the best way to keep spiders from encroaching is to ward off all the other insects that might be attracting them to your property.

Here are just a few of the easy ways you can make your property less attractive to invasive pests:

Food Storage

Not only do you need to keep food stored in sealed containers, but you also need to frequently deep clean for crumbs and traces left behind after meals. Bugs like ants and cockroaches can detect chemical traces of food from hundreds of yards away.


Bug populations almost always start outside and then move indoors. As such, making your yard less attractive will also protect your home or business. Keep grass from growing too long and address overhanging tree limbs.

Moisture Control

Insects prefer damp or humid areas, meaning standing pools out in the yard or areas of moisture buildup indoors can both be attracting factors. Address these areas immediately, and install proper ventilation in any rooms that frequently get muggy.

How To Keep Spiders Out

Keeping invasive pests out of your home altogether is a different task entirely. Addressing the things that attract spiders and bugs to your property is good, but you also need to make your structures impregnable.

Do all of the following:

  • Seal cracks. Even tiny holes or cracks can be a way in for insects and spiders. Check your exterior frequently and use caulk or sealant to address problem spots.
  • Inspect window screens. Screens that are faulty or improperly installed can provide another way in for pests. Frequently check for holes or tears and replace screens when necessary.
  • Install door sweeps. The gaps around a door threshold can also act as wide openings for bugs. Install door sweeps and weather stripping to block off these spaces.

Trust Romney For Pest Prevention

If you spot a spider on your property, chances are there is a far larger pest problem already thriving nearby. Rather than try to tackle all the prevention and control measures on your own, turn instead to your local professionals. At Romney Pest Control, our friendly staff knows how to thoroughly check your property for signs of spiders and the pests they eat. Even if no pests are on site, we can get you set up with prevention measures that will make sure you never have to worry.

For superior spider protection, contact Romney Pest Control right away. Learn more about our home pest control and commercial pest control offerings.


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