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3 Things Every Houston Homeowner Should Know About Wasps

Aug 26, 2019

We all know that wasps can deliver painful stings and that it is a bad idea to allow nests to grow in our yards, but this knowledge isn’t enough to prevent nests from forming. Wasps can be pretty sneaky. You need to know what to look for if you want to catch them before they catch you off guard in your yard. Consider these three important facts about Houston wasps.

Aerial Nests — Paper wasps and other wasps that create aerial nests will establish nests on tree branches and in other high places. That means you’ll have to look up to see them. Do a routine check of your tree canopy, especially in the spring when nests are forming. Check high places on your home as well.

  • Look under the overhangs on rooflines.
  • Look in barn rafters and on the ceilings of porches.
  • Look at overhanging lattices of decks.

Void Nests — Yellow jackets and other void-dwelling insects will not only create a nest in the hollows of trees and logs, they’ll establish nests in ground holes, wall voids and some surprising locations such as inside old automobiles and stored furniture. These nests can be difficult to see. Keep an eye out for wasp activity. If you notice wasps going in and out of a small gap, crack or hole, it is definitely time to call a pest control professional.

Fall Wasps Are Worse — Most wasp nests are created in the spring and early summer. The populations of those nests grow all year long. In fall, populations are maxed out and wasps begin to prepare newly hatched queens to make it through the winter. This makes wasps more aggressive in the fall.

Wasp Control

Life can get busy. Who has time to actively look for wasps’ nests? This is where a licensed pest control technician can be a big help. A technician will have scheduled appointments to inspect your yard and look for trouble. If a threat is found, it will be dealt with appropriately without any intervention on your part. What could be easier?

If you’d like ongoing protection from the development of wasps’ nests in your Houston yard, contact Romney Pest Control. We have residential pest control plans that cover a long list of common Houston pests, including wasps. Reach out to us today to schedule an appointment. We’re standing by to assist you with this important service for your home, your property and your health.


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