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The Best Way To Keep Mosquitoes Out of Your San Antonio Yard

Jun 11, 2022

It’s summertime in San Antonio, and nothing ruins a nice outdoor night like pesky mosquitoes. Among the most despised insects globally, mosquitoes lurk around your yard, searching for potential food sources and areas to nest.

Mosquito bites are itchy, inflamed, and red. Mosquitoes are also responsible for transmitting various diseases like Dengue, Fever, Malaria, Zika virus, and Yellow fever. 

Make the most of the warm weather in peace by learning some of the best ways to keep these blood-sucking insects out of your San Antonio yard!

Why Do I Have Mosquitos?

There are plenty of reasons why mosquitoes are attracted to your yard.

Humans and Animals 

The most common attraction for mosquitoes is the presence of humans or animals. Both contain blood, which they feed on and grow.

Carbon Dioxide

mosquitoes fly around a childs legs as he reaches down to itch bites

These insects are attracted to carbon dioxide. Mosquitoes can quickly sense when you exhale, attracting them toward you.

Dense and Overgrown Vegetation

Mosquitoes prefer dark and humid areas, which serve as the best area for breeding. They commonly nest under thick and overgrown vegetation like tall, uncut grass, bushes, shrubbery, etc.

Clogged Gutters or Drains

Another fruitful breeding ground for mosquitoes is dirty, blocked gutters or drains. They provide the mosquitoes their ideal home – a water source and a dark area to hide and breed.

Standing Water 

Any stagnant water source also serves as a mosquito haven, such as puddles, birdbaths, animal bowls, containers, flower pots, or buckets. 

How To Keep Mosquitos Out of Your Yard

Read below to discover some of the best ways to keep mosquitoes out of your yard.

Eliminate Water Sources

Mosquitoes are attracted to still water, so it is essential to eliminate any standing water to prevent mosquito larvae from turning into adult insects. 

Empty all the trash cans, flower pots, tires, and buckets and drill a small hole at the bottom to drain any water.

Use Fans When Outdoors

When you are sitting outside, bring a fan out and put it next to you. The air from the fan makes it difficult for them to fly.

A fan will keep you cool and prevent sweat, which is another common mosquito attractant.

Use Mosquito Repellent Plants

Some plants are excellent mosquito repellents. Mosquitos cannot stand lavender, basil, catnip, citronella, lemon balm, lemon thyme, rosemary, and marigolds. 

Keep Your Yard Under Control

During the day, mosquitoes look for shade to avoid the heat; tall grass, bushes, and hedges provide shelter for them. Trim down thick, dense, and overgrown tall grass and bushes, get rid of twigs, sticks, compost piles, and remove raked leaves. 

Use Covering and Apply Insect Repellent

Mosquitoes are attracted to darker colors, so wear light-colored clothing outside. Wear long sleeves, pajamas, or pants for minimal skin exposure.

Apply a DEET-based insect repellent on your skin to deter mosquitoes from biting you.

Lastly, avoid going out at the prime feeding times as much as possible-dawn and dusk.

Stop the Swatting With the Help From Romney Pest Control

Sometimes, it is not possible to eliminate mosquitoes without getting help from experts. 

Call a professional pest control service who will identify the actual cause of mosquito infestation in your yard. With over ten years of professional experience, we offer you the highest-quality pest control services in Dallas, Fort-Worth, Austin, Houston, TX, and San Antonio. 

To know more about our services, call us today and speak to one of our team members!


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