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Are Millipedes In San Antonio Dangerous?

Sep 20, 2019

Most home-invading millipedes are between 1 and 2 inches long but can grow larger depending on their species. These insects have long, segmented bodies and are usually black or brown in color. Some millipede species have bodies with 20 or more segments. The most recognizable aspect of millipedes is their many legs. The name “millipede” comes from the Latin word for “thousand feet” but there are no currently known species of millipede that actually have 1,000 legs. Most millipedes have between 30 and 90 pairs of legs, but there are some species that have as many as 750 legs.

Problems Millipedes Cause

For the most part, millipedes are nuisance pests. When these insects invade San Antonio homes, they do not damage furniture, property, or personal items and they aren’t known for spreading harmful diseases. In some cases, millipedes can be found in greenhouses or on potted plants, but they don’t feed on plants unless the plant is already decaying. Millipedes don’t bite or sting. However, they may release a foul-smelling liquid when they feel threatened. This liquid is toxic, can cause skin irritation, and should be washed off immediately.

Millipede Prevention Tips

Millipedes are attracted to San Antonio homes that have plenty of food sources and moisture. The best way to prevent millipede infestations is to reduce the amount of moisture on your property.

  • If you have a damp basement, consider running a dehumidifier.
  • Keep your grass trimmed.
  • Remove leaves and grass clippings from your lawn.
  • Replace wood-based mulch with pebbles or crushed rock.
  • Remove stumps and rotting wood.
  • Make sure your gutters are channeling water properly.
  • Cut weeds, shrubs, and other foliage away from your exterior walls.

No matter how many preventative measures you take to keep millipedes out of your San Antonio home, prevention tips will never be as effective as professional pest control. Handling millipede infestations without professional help can leave you frustrated and annoyed.

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