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A Step-By-Step Guide For Effective Termite Control Around Your Houston Property

Jul 17, 2020

Termites can be a home or business owner’s worst nightmare. Fortunately, you don’t need to wait until it’s too late to deal with termites. There are effective methods of termite control, and they can save you from an infestation of your Houston property.

What Are Termites?

Termites are insects that are a crucial part of the ecosystem. It’s their role to break down wood and cellulose materials, which is what keeps nature going. But termites are only beneficial in nature. Once they start taking over residential areas, they become dangerous insects that can cause severe damage.

Termites are relatively small insects and only grow to be about 1/8th to one inch long. Depending on their species and age, they are white, brown, or black in color.

What Damage Can They Do?

Often, termite damage goes unnoticed until you have a serious problem. This is due to the fact that the damage is usually behind your walls. They eat the wood in your home’s structure, leaving behind a trail of destruction as they go.

Even if you don’t have a wood home, your residence could be damaged by termites. They can get through metal siding and chew on plaster, and other common building materials. Once inside your home, termites can destroy your furniture, cabinets, and ceilings.

With other types of pest infestations, the problem is generally noticed before extensive damage occurs. However, this is not the case with termites. By the time you realize that you have termites, you could have thousands of dollars in damage.  For this reason, termite prevention is crucial. You should take the steps necessary to keep termites out of your home.

Steps For Prevention

Are you ready to protect your home? Take the following steps to limit your chance of an encounter with termites:

Know The Signs Of An Infestation

If you know what a termite infestation looks like, you could identify an issue before too much damage is done. One sign of termites is swollen floors or ceilings. You might also have tight-fitting doors and windows. Although it may look as if you have water damage, the real problem may be termites. Some termite species even have a smell that resembles mold or mildew.

Another sign of an infestation is cracked furniture in your home. When the crack appears, you may be able to see a maze-like pattern from the termite tunneling. In this case, you should immediately call a pest control specialist.

If you hear clicking noises from your walls, you could have termites. The pests use clicking to communicate with one another. Listen for strange sounds in your home, and you may be able to identify an infestation.

Limit Soil-To-Wood Contact

Termites travel from the outside into your home. Therefore, you may be able to prevent the pests by limiting the amount of soil that touches the wood of your home. Your wood structures should be on a concrete base.

Repair Moisture-Damaged Wood

While termites will eat almost any type of wood, they prefer moist or water-damaged wood. Check your home for wet wood and replace it with new wood. Doing so won’t completely prevent termites, but it will help.

Store Firewood Away From Your Home

By keeping firewood near your home, you’re inviting termites inside. Store firewood piles as far as possible from your home and other structures. This makes your residence much less appealing to wood-hungry termites.

Call A Professional

The best way to prevent termites in Houston is to have an experienced pest control technician examine your home. They can come up with an effective way to eliminate and prevent termites. Contact Romney Pest Control at the first sign of termites or for the best form of termite protection.


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