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Why Are There Ants In My Dallas Home?

Mar 8, 2021

If you see one ant in your Dallas home, there is a high chance there are hundreds more. Several different types of ants are common in the Dallas area, including pyramid ants, fire ants, pharaoh ants, crazy ants, Argentine ants, harvester ants, and carpenter ants to name a few. Below is a brief rundown on each.

Pyramid Ants:

  • Have a reddish-black head and black abdomen
  • Pyramid projection at the top of their thorax
  • Relatively small in size, about one-eighth of an inch in length
  • Thrive in warm weather

Fire Ants:

  • One-eighth to one-fourth of an inch in length
  • Black and reddish-brown
  • Known for being overly aggressive and stinging when provoked

Pharaoh Ants:

  • Also known as sugar ants
  • Pale red or yellowish-brown
  • Only one-sixteenth of an inch in size

Raspberry Crazy Ants

  • Small to medium-sized ants
  • Reddish-brown to a golden-brown color
  • Breed extremely fast

Argentine Ants

  • Shiny body, usually black or dark brown
  • Attracted to high moisture areas
  • One-sixteenth to one-fourth of an inch in length

Harvester Ants

  • One-fourth to half an inch long
  • Red, brown, or black color
  • Their primary food source is harvesting seeds

Carpenter Ants

  • Able to chew through wood, creating tunnels
  • Black or reddish-yellow
  • Attracted to wood that has been water damaged or decayed

Most of these ants are considered a nuisance pest, meaning that they don’t cause damage to your home or pose health risks like dangerous ants. However, even nuisance pests are an unwelcome sight in any home.

Why Ants Like Your Home

Like any other pest, ants are attracted to your home for food. From seeds to sugar, to the very structure of your home, ants will find what they are looking for inside your house.

Far too often, people make it easy for ants to find food: waste bins aren’t always adequately sealed, food is sometimes forgotten to start rotting, and the crumbs you brush off your counter might seem minuscule to you. Still, they are a whole meal for ants.

There are several ways ants can get into your home: through the flooring, gaps in the foundation, or cracks in the walls. Ants can also get in if you leave a door or window open. There is also a possibility that you carried them in yourself. However, this last method is less likely to bring an infestation rather than a few stray ants.

Why It’s Difficult To Prevent Ants

Again, like most pests, the ants’ size works in their favor. They are tiny and able to get in through cracks and holes you aren’t even aware exist. You can reduce factors that attract ants by doing the following:

  • Proper food storage is the best way to store food to prevent any pest attraction. Don’t overlook adequate food waste storage such as your garbage in and out of the home, any compost you may have, and even crumbs on the counter or floor. Also, don’t forget to clean up after any pets you have.
  • Manage leaks: make sure to immediately fix leaking pipes and clean up any standing water or spills.
  • Seal up cracks: do your best to patch any cracks, holes, or crevices around your house.

How To Deal With An Ant Infestation

The best way to deal with an ant infestation in your Dallas home is by contacting the professionals at Romney Pest Control. Romney Pest Control provides guaranteed pest solutions starting with a six-point home pest control inspection.

When it comes to an ant infestation, the worst thing you can do is wait as their numbers will only continue to grow. Don’t hesitate to contact Romney Pest Control for all your pest control needs.


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