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Why You Should Call The Pros At The First Sign Of Termites On Your Dallas Property

Dec 8, 2020

Dallas’ home and business owners can lose everything to termites. That’s no exaggeration. Since these insects consume wood, the foundations of your space could crumble. You may not have a place to live. You might have to close your establishment and go through the daunting process of rebuilding your reputation. Not to mention loved ones, customers, and employees may be injured if a structure becomes unstable.

Termites reproduce at a fast pace, but they go undetected because they hide inside walls. Each year, they cost Americans $5 billion in prevention and repair expenses. Insurance companies rarely cover this bill. That said, it is important to receive professional assistance instead of tackling elimination on your own. Learn why the “do-it-yourself” route won’t do.

How Do Termites Look & Behave?

Understanding how termites operate is essential to defeating them. Their colonies are made up of three sectors: workers, soldiers, and swarmers. The bodies of workers are 0.12 of an inch long and are white or grayish-white. As you might guess from their name, they are the ones most responsible for damage. Yellow-brown soldiers have defined jaws. They are slightly larger and have rectangular heads. Swarmers are winged; they come out of termite holes in the spring to procreate and form new nests. They are yellow, black, or brown, and ½ of an inch long. If you happen to spot one, know that a fully mature termite nest is nearby. Further indicators are:

  • Drywall that’s off-color or slumping
  • Walls with mud tubes, maze patterns, and pin-point holes in them
  • Loose tiling
  • Floorboards that are caving in
  • Flaking and bubbling paint that appears damaged by water
  • Stacks of fecal particles that resemble salt and pepper
  • Wood that sounds hollow
  • Pieces of swarmer wings

Why Do DIY Termite Methods Fail? How Can You Prevent Termites?

If you ask around about “at home” remedies for termites, orange oil, vinegar, sunlight, and/or boric acid would probably be mentioned. You’d also receive suggestions for retail baits, sprays, liquids, and other items. These elements may indeed contain repelling or exterminating agents, but the effects won’t be long-term. There are many termite subspecies, and they don’t all respond to treatments the same way. Properly identifying a subclass is vital.

Another issue with independent approaches is that products can be extremely weak in potency or very toxic. Potentially putting yourself, others, and/or pets in harm’s way isn’t worth it. Additionally, label instructions are often detailed and complicated. Misapplication could happen, followed by a dangerous outcome.

At best, commercial shelf goods will provide temporary relief on the surface or in specific locations. With termites populating at volume and in the trenches of structures, a thorough solution is required.

  • Preventative options that will be useful include:
  • Removing or repairing injured wood
  • Fixing leaks and moisture problems; especially if it’s making wood wet
  • Keeping free wood off of soil (ex. firewood)
  • Closing openings near walls, foundations, and utility lines
  • Keeping loose wood and greenery several feet away from the property

What Can Romney Pest Control Do About Termites?

Our certified technicians at Romney Pest Control have the expertise to safely and strategically apply our industrial-grade treatments designed for termites. Sentricon® with Always Active™ systems and bait stations will eradicate these terrible insects and deter future intrusions. Monitoring services and follow-up visits are available. When you call today, you’ll receive a free quote! Don’t think twice about protecting your property. Call us today!


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