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Why You Should Call The Professionals About Rodents In Your San Antonio Home

Mar 9, 2021

Rodents are mammals that often-become unwelcome guests for many homeowners in the San Antonio area. These scavengers will enter a property and are likely to remain inside if sources of food and water exist. Rodents pose a potential health risk to your loved ones and also can create expensive property damage.

Three Common Rodents That Invade Homes in San Antonio

The following three types of rodents are among those most frequently known for entering homes in this region:

  • House Mice: They typically have round bodies and brown or grey hair with a light-colored underbelly. House mice have tails that often measure the same length as their bodies. Most will nest in dark hidden areas positioned closely to food sources.
  • Norway Rats: Sometimes referred to as brown or sewer rats, Norway rats may grow to be a foot long. Their fur is generally grey or brown and they have a gray or white belly. They have prominent whiskers and tails that are shorter than their body length.
  • Roof Rats: They are distinguishable by a dark brown or black appearance and a lean body style. They are commonly around six-inches long with a tail of equal or greater length. As the name suggests, roof rats are excellent climbers.

It is not likely that more than one type of rodent would live in your home simultaneously. Rats will kill mice and the different types of rats are generally hostile to one another.

Potential Health Risks 

Rodents will forage through garbage, sewers, and other filthy areas with exposure to ticks and other parasites. They leave a trail of feces and urine behind that creates a myriad of foul odors. Some of the diseases associated with rodents include Hantavirus, Salmonella, and many others.

Property Damage That Rodents Can Create

One common characteristic of all rodents is their habit of chewing on things, including various types of wiring in your home. They also can contaminate and destroy insulation, drywall, and other materials.

Indicators Of Rodent Infestation

Evidence of rodent infestation may become increasingly more apparent, as these creatures can rapidly reproduce.  Being nocturnal, they are typically most active at night. Packaged food in cabinets, cupboards, and pantry areas will often be chewed through and contaminated with rodent droppings. You are likely to hear them scurrying through walls, in attics, or crawlspaces and detect the smell of their urine. 

Errors That Property Owners Make

Some homeowners will make the mistake of attempting to eradicate these intruders themselves. They may purchase snap traps, glue-style traps, ultrasonic noisemaking devices, bait stations, and other products. These do-it-yourself options are typically insufficient for eliminating infestations and may worsen the problem.
Using store-bought solutions does not thoroughly address the overall problem. For example, they don’t fully cover the point(s) of entry through which these critters are infiltrating the home. They are also unable to determine nesting locations. Furthermore, keep in mind that rodents may reproduce at a rate that far exceeds the capabilities of your do-it-yourself measures.

Professional Rodent Control For San Antonio Homeowners

Fortunately, technicians at Romney Pest Control developed a six-step uniform inspection process that has been proven to generate positive outcomes. We begin by closely evaluating the exterior area of the premises and removing the most visible concerns. Next, the yard is inspected, as well as all critical entry points. Finally, a comprehensive analysis of the interior is conducted and a detailed report of findings is compiled for review.
Many homeowners in the San Antonio area continue to rely on Romney Pest Control for consistently high-quality pest control solutions. Contact our team of experienced professionals today for a thorough inspection and estimate.


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