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Why Ants Come Into Your Houston Home & What You Can Do

Apr 6, 2021

If there’s one word you might use to describe Houston ants, it’s annoying. Some species are a nuisance while others are hazardous, but the one thing they have in common is that they may find a reason to enter your home. Find out why ants enter Houston homes and whether or not you can prevent and eliminate them from your property.

Why Do Houston Ants Come Inside?

Hundreds of ants live in Texas, but only a few of those species are Houston home invaders. Carpenter ants are somewhat common, tunneling through the wood to invade homes. Meanwhile, acrobat ants are small ants that are easily identified by their behavior. When disturbed, these ants lift their abdomens. Once in homes, these ants usually nest in the walls or insulation. They do bite when threatened, but the bite isn’t as painful as a fire ant sting.
Another common local ant is the pharaoh ant. Although this ant is small, it’s not one you want around your home. They are invasive and like warm and dark spaces. Although pharaoh ants aren’t venomous, they have a painful bite. 
Once any type of ant comes into your home, it’s nearly impossible to get it out. This is because ants reproduce quickly and create large colonies. The best way to protect your home from Houston ants is to keep them out. But to do that, you need to know why they’re going into your home in the first place.

The Reasons For Entry

Why would an ant come inside when there are so many resources available outdoors? Despite the differences between the types of ants in the area, most of them enter your home for similar reasons. They seek food, moisture, and shelter, and your home is abundant in all three.

The Food They Seek

While some species of ants prefer certain types of food, almost all the local species enjoy the food in your pantry and your crumbs. They often like sweet things, like candies and desserts, and greasy food can also be an attraction for ants. 
In any case, your pantry has plenty of food for ants. Open bags of rice and boxes of cereal will be an endless supply of food for these household pests. The only way to make the food less available is to seal it in a tightly sealed container. Because ants can get through small spaces, chip clips aren’t an effective way of keeping them out.
Food in your trash can may also be appealing to ants. The scraps from last night’s dinner or the scrapings from your pan may end up in your trash can, which is a beacon to ants. By sealing up your trash can with a lid, you can take away this constant source of food.

How They Get In

Ants enter your home through gaps, holes, and cracks. Small openings around your plumbing fixtures are excellent entry points. For carpenter ants, moist wood is an entryway. 
To keep ants out, you can check your home for potential entrances. Try to seal up gaps under your doors, around your window, and in other areas. That said, there’s only so much you can do. It’s almost certain that ants can still find a way inside.
Therefore, the best form of ant control is with professional assistance. Here at Romney Pest Control, we know how to protect your home from ants. If you’re ready to be proactive and keep ants outside, give us a call. We can prevent or eliminate ants from your home.


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