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What Every San Antonio Homeowner Needs to Know About German Cockroaches

Oct 11, 2021

No one wants cockroaches in their homes, but the pesky bugs have a purpose in nature. Cockroaches eat decomposing organic trash. Unfortunately, they wander into homes and do the same thing. 

In San Antonio, one cockroach outnumbers the rest: the German cockroach. Fortunately for San Antonio residents who find them in their homes, the German cockroach is smaller than other species, like the American cockroach or palmetto bug.

What is a German Cockroach, and Where Did it Come From?

Although the name suggests otherwise, German cockroaches did not originate in Germany. After thorough research, scientists theorized they stowed away on a ship traveling from Southeast Asia. The roaches eventually left the ship when it docked in Europe.

Later they boarded another ship in Europe and made their way to the United States. Researchers have connected roach travels to explorers like Marco Polo and Juan Ponce de Leon. While their exact travels are unknown, what we do know is that German cockroaches exist worldwide now.

German cockroaches are light brown and relatively flat. It is easy to identify them because they have a pair of dark lines down the back of their heads. They have wings, but they don’t fly. They are a small species, measuring about ½ inch in length. 

What Type of Damage Can German Cockroaches Cause?

Overhead of three German cockroaches on a white background

Like all cockroaches, German cockroaches carry several diseases. Most of them cause stomach problems like diarrhea. Because they spend most of their time near decomposing organic material, bacteria get on their legs. They then spread those germs to food and other household items. 

Allergy researchers have connected all roaches to allergies and asthma. Their droppings, body parts, and saliva can trigger severe allergic reactions. Many of those reactions result in asthma attacks. 

Cockroaches will eat just about anything, and that includes parts of your house. Most will not eat drywall or wood subfloors, but they will eat adhesives in your floors, fabric, and furniture. If you have a major infestation, you could see internal damage in your home. 

German Cockroach Facts and Information You Should Know

Cockroaches have short lives, but they lay large egg cases that often have up to 50 nymphs. Some cockroaches are developing resistance to common insecticides, making it essential to work with exterminators if you have an infestation. 

Roaches do not need to eat daily, and many can survive without eating for weeks. However, they do need access to water at least once per week.

How to Prevent & Control a German Roach Infestation in Your Home 

A group of cockroaches on tile

The best way to prevent German cockroaches from moving into your home is to keep your home clean. Keep your kitchen clean, especially under your refrigerator, inside cabinets, and around your trash can. If you have pets, keep their food containers sealed and do not leave their dishes out overnight. 

Call The Professionals At Romney Today

If you see cockroaches of any type in your San Antonio home, call the professional San Antonio exterminators at Romney Pest Control. We use safe, state-of-the-art tools to remove the infestation and prevent them from returning.


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