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What Fort Worth Property Owners Ought To Know About German Cockroaches

Aug 5, 2020

German cockroaches are a nightmare for property owners in Dallas/Fort Worth. These pests have a reputation for spreading diseases and stressing homeowners out. But, do you know what kinds of diseases German cockroaches can spread and why these pests are so hard to get rid of once they move indoors? Let’s take a look at German cockroaches (the most common roaches that get into Texas homes) and talk about how to prevent them from getting in.

German Cockroach Identification Tips

German cockroaches share many of the same traits as other cockroach species. They have flat, oval-shaped bodies with stout heads, supported on six spiny legs. They grow to around ½ of an inch long, have brown bodies, and are best identified by the two dark horizontal stripes on their heads. German cockroaches have body-length antennae and a pair of fully developed wings, though, thankfully, these pests are incapable of flight.

German cockroaches are the most common home-invading roaches in Fort Worth, as well as in Texas and the United States. These pests actively seek out homes to hide in, since households provide ample food and shelter for cockroaches to survive and reproduce. If this sounds like a nightmare situation, it is, especially since cockroaches can spread tons of diseases.

Why Are German Cockroaches Dangerous?

German cockroaches can carry infectious diseases. These pests have been known to transmit all sorts of pathogens including tularemia, giardia, salmonella, dysentery, and even the plague. Cockroaches are known to spend time foraging in dirty places, such as trash heaps and dumpsters. When a German cockroach moves into your house, it likely came from one of these disease-infested places. The longer a German cockroach lingers around your property, the more it can spread these pathogens where it walks and in the food it eats from, putting you and your family at risk.

Additionally, prolonged cockroach exposure can result in allergies. Cockroaches regularly molt their exoskeletons, which people can develop an allergy to over time, resulting in respiratory problems. Many people who had an unknown cockroach infestation developed asthma as a result of prolonged allergen exposure. Simply put, German cockroaches belong far away from your Fort Worth property. Since they can get in a house unnoticed, it’s best to prevent an infestation before it starts.

German Cockroach Prevention Tips

What can Dallas/Fort Worth property owners do to prevent a cockroach problem? German cockroaches are less likely to get in your house if you do the following:

  • Secure your trash and pantry. Keep all waste indoors, and make sure your food storage is properly locked.
  • Control your home’s moisture. German cockroaches like moist environments, so make sure your kitchen, bathrooms, and crawl spaces are well-ventilated.
  • Check for cracks in your home’s masonry, including in doors and window frames. The fewer entry points, the better, so caulk and repair any crevices you find.
  • Remove standing water, especially in drains and pipes. Cockroaches will flock to your home if there’s ample water to drink from.

German cockroaches are persistent pests, and because they are so small and quiet, even the best DIY prevention plan can fail. When this happens, contact Romney Pest

Control at the first sign of a cockroach problem. Our expert exterminators will kick your cockroaches out – and keep them from coming back.


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