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Fort Worth’s Complete Guide To Mosquito Prevention

Aug 3, 2020

There are very few reasons to dislike Summer in Fort Worth, but if you have to choose a reason, maybe you’ll pick mosquitoes. Texas residents know all too well how obnoxious these pests are, with their incessant buzzing and their itchy bites.

What you might not know is that mosquitoes are more than just nuisance pests, some are actually quite dangerous. Preventing mosquito bites should be a part of every Texan’s pest control strategy, so let’s look at why mosquitoes are so dangerous and what Fort Worth homeowners can do about them.

Mosquito Identification Tips

Mosquitoes are some of the most distinct-looking pests in Fort Worth. They have small, striped bodies that grow to around ¼ of an inch long, with long bent legs that exceed the lengths of their bodies. This gives mosquitoes a gangly appearance, making them look larger than they appear.

Mosquitoes also have small heads, and on top of the head is a long rod-shaped structure called a proboscis. This is the part of the mosquito that sucks your blood, and also the part that can transmit diseases.

Diseases are precisely why mosquitoes are the most dangerous animals in the world. Mosquitoes can transmit deadly diseases like dengue, Zika, and yellow fever. Mosquitoes account for millions of illnesses worldwide, including thousands right here in the United States. And since mosquitoes are so active in the summer, Fort Worth residents can expect an increase in mosquito-borne illnesses. If mosquitoes can cause serious illness right in your Fort Worth backyard, what can you do to keep them out? First let’s explain what attracts mosquitoes to your property, then talk about how to keep them out.

What Attracts Mosquitoes?

There are some factors that Fort Worth homeowners can control and some factors that nobody can change. For example, some people are biologically predisposed to attract mosquitoes: heavy breathers, pregnant women, and people with O-type blood all experience more mosquito bites.

Though you can’t change your blood type, you can change certain things about your house that may be attracting mosquitoes. For example, mosquitoes require standing water in order to reproduce, so households that have poor drainage and large puddles will likely have more pests to deal with. Mosquitoes also like properties that have a lot of overgrown plant life, uncleaned gutters, and excess foliage. These all make for potential nesting and breeding sites, which results in generations of these pests swarming your household. Finally, mosquitoes are attracted to light, especially blue light. Your outdoor lighting system might be drawing these bloodsuckers in, especially if you leave the lights on at night.

Mosquito-Prevention Tips

You can’t get rid of mosquitoes everywhere you go, but you can keep them from attacking your household so that you can enjoy your corner of Fort Worth. Consider the following as part of a mosquito prevention plan:

  • Clear all standing water.
  • Trim overgrown trees, shrubs, grasses, and bushes.
  • Remove leaf piles and excess foliage.
  • Turn off the lights at night.

Additionally, you can install a porch net to at least protect a portion of your outdoors from these pests.

You should also know what doesn’t work. Products like citronella candles, tiki torches, and mosquito sprays don’t work well enough to justify purchasing. They might ward off a few bugs here and there, but you’ll still get mosquito bites because you haven’t addressed the reasons your property is attractive to pests.

The best prevention plan involves regular maintenance from season pest professionals. The mosquito experts at Romney Pest Control are ready to protect your family from mosquitoes and their dangerous bites. Reach out today, and let’s make this summer safe and disease-free.


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