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What Everyone In San Antonio Ought To Know About American House Spiders

Mar 9, 2021

In the state of Texas, there are a number of spiders that invade human homes regularly, including the common house spider, otherwise known as the American house spider.

Common knowledge states that there are only two venomous spiders in the United States: the brown recluse and the black widow. Believe it or not, the American house spider shares a virulent bite with these dangerous arachnids, albeit a much less powerful one. The arachnids are also very unlikely to bite humans. For these reasons, the common house spider is not dangerous to humans, unless one has a predisposition to allergies, primarily existing as a nuisance pest.

Where Does The House Spider Tend To Hide?

Spiders are known for being exceptionally good at hiding. It’s the reason people discover webs around their property long before they see who’s weaving those webs. So, when you do discover arachnids crawling around your San Antonio property, it’s more than likely the pests have been there for an extended period, but are overgrowing their habitat, becoming more visible over time.

Courtesy of Romney Pest Control, here is a list of the American house spider’s favorite hiding places, so you can get ahead of an infestation:

  • Spiderwebs are often found off the interior corners of various human structures or rooms, and there’s a reason for it. Arachnids love to minimize their presence by tucking themselves away in these corners.
  • If you notice webs being erected in messier areas like an attic or garage, part of the reason is likely so spiders can take cover amidst the clutter.
  • Garages and attics aren’t the only storage spaces spiders like to hide. Closets are a key hiding place for the American house spider, due in part to the lack of natural light they tend to have.

Tips For Preventing American House Spiders In Your San Antonio Property

If you’ve been uncovering webs without spiders, the writing’s on the walls, and let’s face it, your mere presence isn’t going to scare off the American house spider for good. If you want to keep the arachnids out, you’re going to want to take some effective DIY steps to heart. Don’t worry  — the experts at Romney Pest Control have you covered!

  • Though it may seem gross, don’t be afraid to take down spiderwebs you find around the house. Spiders are intelligent pests, and if they discover their web has been destroyed, they are certain to move their web-building shenanigans elsewhere.
  • Don’t underestimate the common house spider’s flexibility. Keep eight-legged pests from crawling under your door frames with door sweeps and, for equivalent protection in your garage, try installing a storm seal.
  • Romney Pest Control’s most crucial DIY tip of all relates less to the American house spider itself and more to its source of sustenance. Arachnids, of course, eat insects, so it is almost always because of existent pest problems that you will have to spar with spiders on your San Antonio property.

Dealing with arachnids can be a nuisance, but having to deal with the deeper pest issues that trigger them is a different dilemma entirely. For help getting rid of spiders or the pests they feed on, the experts at Romney Pest Control can cover you. Contact us today for in-depth pest control strategies, regardless of the number of legs.


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