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What Every San Antonio Property Owner Needs To Know About Norway Rats

Jul 24, 2020

People can get so distracted with the obvious pests, like ants that crawl all over countertops, that they forget about pests that might be lurking in the dark corners of a property. Rodents like Norway rats in San Antonio are expert invaders that stay hidden from people and can thrive in the protected environments that human civilization provides.

What Are Norway Rats?

Norway rats are one of the largest invasive rodents that people can encounter. Often called sewer rats or street rats, these are the kind that grows large and can carry pizza up New York subway steps. Here’s how you can distinguish them from other rodents:

  • Size: Unlike smaller rats and mice, Norway rats frequently grow to more than a foot in length. Their tails alone can be several few inches long.
  • Color: Norway rats can be brown or gray, though they are typically not as dark in color as black roof rats.
  • Ears: The easiest way to tell a mouse from a rat is to look at the ears. Mice have large, circular ears right on top of their heads. Rat ears are curled, and more tucked back on the skull.

The Problems Of A Rat Problem

Smart property owners don’t need to be told why having vermin around can be a bad thing. In case you need convincing, or if you’re just curious how bad an infestation can be, here are common problems that rats bring:

  • Filth: Rats root around in sewers and trash bins, contaminating everything they touch with the germs and grime that they pick up from these areas. They also leave their droppings wherever they please, providing gross little landmines for people to step on and smell in their homes.
  • Disease: Along with the germs they spread, rats are known carriers of dangerous diseases like E. coli and plague. Even if a rat isn’t infected itself, it may carry ticks or lice that also spread disease.
  • Damage: Rats constantly chew in order to file their ever-growing front teeth. That means damage to wood, electrical wires, and carpeting all over your property. Often, this damage acts as the only sign people are likely to find that indicates rats have moved in.

How To Prevent Rodent Infestations

To avoid those problems, you can take the following steps around your property to ward off rodents:

  • Food storage: Rats will raid the fridge, pantry, and countertops for food or traces of it left behind. Make sure these areas are secure and store the food inside of them in heavy-duty and sealable containers.
  • Trash storage: Just as important as the food inside your home is the food outside of it. Make sure trash bins inside aren’t easy to access and store outside trash in properly secured containers.
  • Clutter: Rats can live in the walls and recesses of a property, but they can also hide behind everyday debris and clutter accumulated over the years. Clear these areas out and deep clean hard-to-reach places of your home.

The Best Way Is The Romney Way

While preventative measures can go a long way, even clean properties can harbor rats. Stay protected from the disease and damage they bring by turning to the experts. At Romney Pest Control, our friendly staff can provide you with helpful tips and get started on a thorough inspection of your home or business today. If rats or the signs of their activity are spotted, we’ll work with you and your budget to take care of the problem.

Don’t let Norway rats invade your property, turn to Romney for complete pest control.


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