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Signs That You Might Have Mice in Your Forney Home

Dec 2, 2022

Mice can cause serious damage and spread diseases – which is why you do not want them in your home. If you’re concerned you have an infestation, you will see clear signs that you might have mice in your home. Rather than worrying about the problem, contact an exterminator, like Romney Pest Control to remove them quickly and effectively. 

Signs That You Might Have Mice

You might not see mice in your home, but the pesky critters will leave signs that they have moved in and built a nest. 

Putrid Smells

Mice and other rodents make smelly messes as they set up a nest inside a home. They leave their droppings around the house. They also urinate around the nest and where they find food. If you use poison to kill mice, they will wander into wall cavities or other hidden areas where they die and rot, creating more terrible smells. 

Night Noises

Mice move loudly. They tend to be active at night, making scratching and gnawing noises. As they run around, their little feet pitter-patter as they walk in your walls, and as they jump, you’ll hear them thudding into floors and walls. 


Mouse droppings are easy to recognize, as they resemble grains of brown rice. The size varies based on the species. If you see rice and haven’t eaten any in that spot, there’s a good chance you have mice in your home. 


Mice are dirty, so they often leave greasy smears on walls and other hard surfaces. The grease smears come from their fur, so they leave the filth at the entrance and exit to their nests. As the grease builds up, it can be expensive to remove. 

Holes in Food Packaging

When mice get into cupboards, they gnaw into bags of food. The first time you notice this, you might not think much about it. However, after you notice more holes near the bottom of food packages, like boxes of cereal or pet food, mice could be causing the problem. 

Actual Mice

If you see one mouse, there’s a good chance you’ve got a few more. Since mice are active at night, seeing one during the day could be especially problematic. The nest might be too big, and the mice are looking for other places to live.

Romney’s Mice Control Solutions

The pest control experts at Romney Pest Control recommend several pest-control solutions, like traps and bait. Both are easy to use and effective.

Traps are inexpensive and they work quickly. The key to success with traps is using an effective bait. If you don’t want to see dead mice in snap traps, consider glue traps as they capture rodents without killing them. 

Bait is also easy to use, as you place the blocks near the mouse nest. The mice eat the bait, then die within 48 hours. If you use bait, you will have to clean up the dead mice. 
Our team at Romney Pest Control can help you remove mice from your home. Contact us today to learn how we can help you with your mice problem.


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