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How To Get Rid of Mice Naturally for Dallas Homeowners

Dec 2, 2022

Mice serve an important purpose in our ecosystem, but when they get inside your home, disaster is sure to follow. A mice infestation in your home can cause major damage to your property, health, and wallet. If you’re experiencing a mice infestation in your home, you’re probably wondering how to get rid of mice naturally. Read on to find out!

Why Do I Have Mice in My Home?

Mice are attracted to your home because it provides them with their three basic needs, which include:


Your home is a nice warm place for the mice to sleep and rest, especially during the winter months, which is why they are drawn to your cozy little residence. They find a crack or crevice near a window or door, or even sometimes in the foundation, and then proceed to make themselves at home!


Food is another reason mice are drawn to your establishment. They find food near homes and then follow the breadcrumb trail to more food, which usually ends up being your kitchen. 

Nesting Material

Finally, nesting materials they need to make their own homes are typically in abundance near your home. Trees and bushes will initially attract them, but when they find your home has so much more to offer, they almost always end up inside. 

Signs of a Mice Infestation

Some very clear signs that you may see if you do in fact have a mice infestation include:

  • Finding mice droppings in or around your home
  • Signs of chew marks on food packages and cabinets
  • Holes chewed through walls or floors
  • Food crumbs that are out of place
  • Nests made of paper or fabric
  • Odd pet behavior (dogs growling, or cats stalking around)

If you notice scratch and chew marks on your cabinets and/or food packages, that is a telltale sign of a mice infestation. Holes chewed through walls and floors, as well as mice droppings, will be another clear sign that you have some unwanted guests. 

Also, if you have another pet, you may notice some odd behavior in them if you have a mice infestation. Dogs will growl, whine, or act unsettled if they see mice running about. On the other hand, cats are more likely to be on edge and stalk around if they see mice since they are a natural predator of mice

Ways To Get Rid of Mice Naturally

If you do notice that your home is a victim of a mice infestation, don’t fret too much, as there are ways to get rid of mice naturally. 

One way to get rid of mice naturally is to set mouse traps around your house. Place them strategically where you know mice can get in, and draw them in with a piece of cheese or peanut butter. 

Another way to naturally get rid of mice for Dallas homeowners is to mouse-proof your home. Seal all windows and doors and any cracks or crevices that you notice within the walls or floors in your home. 

Some other ways people found that help to keep mice away from their homes include:

  • Tin foil
  • Mothballs
  • Ammonia
  • Clove essential oil
  • Soap detergent
  • Kitty litter

Say Goodbye to Your Mice Problem

When dealing with mice threatening your peace and sanity within your own home, trust our professionals at Romney Pest Control. With Romney Pest Control services, your home is in good hands; we have top-of-the-line natural remedies and treatments, prompt and effective communication, and a team of highly-qualified professionals ready to come and save the day. 
Contact our team at Romney Pest Control services today for a free, no-obligation quote.


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