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Problems Caused by Cockroaches for Dallas Homeowners

Apr 13, 2022

Cockroaches are one of the most common pests that infest homes, which is a serious problem for you and your family. Cockroaches spend a lot of time in filthy places like sewers, dumpsters, trash bins, and carcasses. They may carry dangerous pathogens as they invade your home, which is a significant health hazard.

Keep your family and pets safe from the problems cockroaches cause with the help of Romney Pest Control services. 

How to Identify Cockroaches

Cockroaches have an oval-shaped appearance, a pair of long antennae, and six long, spiny legs. They have a flat, low-lying body, and most species are reddish-brown or black. 

Some of the most common types of cockroaches you are likely to come across in Dallas include American, Brown-banded, Oriental, and German cockroaches.

If you notice any of the following signs, it may indicate you have cockroaches in your Dallas, TX home.

  • Droppings that look like dark brown or black pellets
  • Egg casings, or ootheca, which resemble a capsule and contain cockroach eggs
  • Your neighbors have cockroaches
  • A musty, unpleasant smell

Cockroaches are most active at night, so if you see them during the day, it is an indication that the infestation is severe.

Problems Cockroaches Cause

cockroaches eat cookie crumbs on a countertop

Cockroaches are primarily attracted to dirt and filth. They have been found to carry various human pathogens and several potentially dangerous parasites. 

Some diseases that cockroaches can transmit to humans include:

  • Dysentery
  • Poliomyelitis
  • Salmonellosis

Cockroaches may come into contact with food preparation areas and food items in your home. Consuming food contaminated by their waste or saliva may lead to food poisoning, diarrhea, or Staphylococcus infections.

Cockroaches may indirectly trigger asthma attacks or allergic reactions with their shed skin or discarded body parts. 

Additionally, their droppings and urine can stain and damage surfaces like cloth, upholstery, or other valuable household items. 

Why DIY Cockroach Control Does Not Work

Once they establish an infestation, cockroaches are hard to eliminate. Roaches multiply fast, and hide in some of the most secluded areas in the home. 

If you decide to address the problem yourself, you must know some cockroach elimination products can cause health concerns when touched or ingested. They can also have unpleasant odors and be ineffective.

Certified pest control techs have the right tools, practice proper approaches, and understand how cockroaches behave. Call professionals and avoid paying for ineffective DIY methods.

Helpful Cockroach Prevention Tips

Here are some preventive measures to keep these critters from invading your Dallas home:

Eliminate Access

a cockroach sitting on a window screen

Seal cracks and gaps using a caulking gun to eliminate cockroach access. Install weather strips and door sweeps, and ensure that screens are in good condition

Address Excess Moisture

Cockroaches need water for survival. Put a dehumidifier in very humid rooms, ensure good ventilation in kitchens and bathrooms, and repair any leaky pipes and damaged gutters to prevent moisture build-up.

Get Rid of Food Sources

cockroaches crawl on a filthy sink with leftovers and old food

Cockroaches are not picky eaters. Any type of food left out will draw them into your home. Clean up crumbs and wipe off spills as they happen. Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight, and use airtight containers to store food items. 

Maintain Cleanliness

Cockroaches thrive in filth. Therefore, it is vital to maintain cleanliness in your home. Regularly vacuum and sweep the floor and clean behind and under appliances.

Do not pile up dirty dishes on countertops and in the sink, and empty the trash can before going to bed each night and seal it tightly.

Professional Pest Control

a dead cockroach held up by its antenna by a blue glove

The best way to prevent cockroaches is to let the pros handle them. Call Romney Pest Control for prompt, effective, and efficient termite elimination services today!



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