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How To Find Bed Bugs in Your Forney Property

Jan 5, 2023

Once you get bed bugs in your Forney home, getting rid of them is difficult. The little pests will get into your bedding, clothing, carpet, and furniture – where they will feed off of you, your family, and your pets. When they bite you, you will develop painful and itchy welts. Knowing how to find bed bugs on your property can help you get rid of them forever. 

What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs, or cimex lectularius, are invasive insects that ingest the blood of people and animals. They are small, flat insects with plenty of room to digest blood. Once they imbibe, they swell up, then become flat again so they can eat more. They get their names because they invade beds and other soft fabric-covered spaces. 

The tiny bugs are reddish-brown and can be one to seven millimeters long. They can survive for several months from one meal of human or animal blood. Female bed bugs lay up to 500 eggs, so it doesn’t take long before infestations become incredibly problematic. 

How To Find Bed Bugs on Your Property

Even if you’re certain that you have an infestation, finding bed bugs can be challenging. Because they are so small, identifying them with the naked eye isn’t usually enough. It’s easy to mistake bed bugs for other insects, so they continue having babies and moving around your home. The adults are tiny, and the nymphs are even smaller. 

Signs That You Have Bed Bugs

Despite their small size, bed bugs leave signs that they are living in your home. Your skin might be the first sign you notice, as bed bug bites leave painful and itchy welts. The sores will leave specks of blood on your sheets and pillowcase. If you repeatedly see bites on your body, then bed bugs are probably living in your mattress and bedding. 

Bed bugs leave their droppings, eggs, and shell casing behind. You might not notice their parts in your carpet, but you might see them on white bedding or light-colored floors. Bed bugs also leave a musty odor. There is a chance you’ll see live bugs crawling on floors, walls, and bedding. 

How To Keep Bed Bugs Away From Your Forney Home

Bed bugs are challenging to remove, so prevention is the key to avoiding an infestation. People often unsuspectingly bring bed bugs home when they stay in hotels. When you stay at a hotel, keep your suitcase off the floor. Once you return home, wash your clothing and dry everything on the hottest setting to kill nymphs, eggs, and adults that might have hitched a ride. 

You can protect yourself and your home by reading reviews of hotels before you book your stay. Previous guests will report bed bug incidents. When you enter the hotel room, look closely at the bedding and the walls around the bed. If you notice tiny reddish-brown specks, the room might have bed bugs. 

The tiny insects live in used upholstered furniture, clothing, and other textiles. You can protect your mattresses, box springs, and other furniture by covering them in plastic. Vacuum your carpet regularly to remove insects, and seal the tiny cracks around outlets, light sockets, and baseboards. 

If you suspect bed bugs have infested your home, schedule an inspection with our experts at Romney Pest Control today!


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