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How Do You Kill Mice Without Them Smelling?

Mar 24, 2022

If mice die in your home, you’ll notice a dreadful, rotten smell. They may die in your walls, attics, basements, and other hidden areas.

Unfortunately, the longer you neglect the dead mice, the worse the odor will get. Dead mice also attract other rodents and pests that can increase your infestation problems. 

Signs That You Have a Mouse Problem

Mice tend to stay away from humans, but leave clear signs they’re around. They will leave urine and mice droppings near their nests. They also leave scratch and gnaw marks on drywall, furniture, and other hard surfaces. Homeowners often notice grease trails on their countertops and floors. 

Mice make noise, especially when they are together. They have a musty smell and you might notice their nesting materials.

The Best Way to Kill Mice Without Them Smelling

The best way to keep mice from damaging your home and making it smell is to make it less attractive to them. Eliminate food, water, and shelter. This also helps homeowners kill mice and keep them from stinking in their walls and cabinets. 

Baits and Traps

an empty mouse trap

Different baits and traps capture and kill mice outside of walls. This way, homeowners can dispose of them rather than let them die and rot in the walls. 

  • Snap traps have a trigger that forces the top to snap closed on a house mouse. 
  • Electric box traps look like little boxes with an inviting door for mice to enter. The trap shocks the mice and kills them in seconds when they go inside. 
  • Live traps have one-way doors. Mice enter, but they cannot exit. After trapping the mouse, you can release it in the wild. 
  • Glue traps are sticky platforms. Mice step on the glue boards, and their feet and fur get stuck. Unfortunately, mice don’t die instantly, so you’ll have to kill them to put them out of their misery.
  • A brown paper lunch bag with bait is a good choice for people who don’t want to see the mouse they’ve trapped. You can put a sticky trap or a snap trap in the bag. The mouse will enter the bag to get the bait, then the trap kills them or prevents them from exiting. 

If you use any of these traps, keep them away from your pets, as they can hurt or poison your pets. Mice are attracted to peanut butter, oats, and dried fruit, so these are good bait options. 

Other Ways to Get Rid of Mice

You can also remove mice with natural repellents that aren’t dangerous around your pets or children. 

Natural Mice Deterrents

essential oil spray bottles

Some homeowners prefer to use natural remedies like peppermint and cayenne pepper. While mice don’t like the smell, it won’t force them to move out. Spray peppermint in areas where you don’t want mice to go, then put traps where you haven’t sprayed. If you use cayenne pepper, you may also keep other pests out of your home. 


Many homeowners turn to poison, but it can be dangerous around pets, pet food, and children. Poison will kill mice, but they might not die until they are back in their nests or the wall cavities, which leads to the rotting smell filling your home. 


Mice are small and can get into homes through small cracks in your foundation or space under exterior doors and around pipes and wires. Seal up any openings with caulk, silicone, and steel wool. 

Call Pest Control Pros

pest control men in front of a white truck

You can also call pest control technicians to help remove mice from your home. They know how to remove mice effectively and prevent them from coming back. 

Disposal of Dead Mice

After mice have died, it’s essential to stay safe when disposing of them. 

Before Disposal

Make sure you wear gloves and a face mask before disposing of a dead mouse since they can spread diseases like hantavirus

During Disposal

a hand holding a dead mouse by the tail

When disposing of dead bodies, put the dead rodents far away from your home. The dead mouse will attract other pests. 

After Disposal

Once you have removed the dead mice, clean up the droppings, sanitize, and disinfect the area. Then, wash fabrics and textiles where the dead mouse urinated and defecated. Always wash your hands after you’ve disposed of the dead mice.

It’s always best to call in the pros to handle the disposal of dead mice if you want to ensure that everything gets done safely and properly.


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