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How Dangerous Is It To Have Silverfish In My Fort Worth Home?

Jun 17, 2020

Some pests look bizarre and alien, the kind of creatures you’d see in one of those old sci-fi thrillers. However, looks can be deceiving. Some crazy-looking pests are actually quite common and relatively harmless, like silverfish. Knowing how to spot these hard-shelled invaders, and what steps to take for proper prevention, may just save you from having to deal with an infestation.

What Are Silverfish?

Silverfish are insects, not fish, but their name comes from the scale-like sheen of their silver bodies and the wriggling way that they walk, seemingly swimming across the ground. They are common property invaders, often attracted to wet or damp areas of a home or yard. You can spot them from the following traits and behaviors:

  • Shape: Silverfish are teardrop-shaped when viewed from the top, with brown, silver, or gray-shelled bodies. Like most insects, they have six legs, though their long antennae and numerous bristles make them appear to have legs all around.
  • Size: Silverfish typically only grow to a few centimeters in length, but their creepy outward appearance and fluid way of moving can make them far scarier than their size lets on.
  • Behavior: Silverfish like dark, damp areas, with nests that are often found in basements and bathrooms. They are nocturnal scavengers, which will retreat to the dark corners of a property and then forage for food at night.

Not Dangerous, But Annoying

While they look scary, silverfish aren’t harmful to people or pets. Instead, they are considered nuisance pests, but even these kinds are no more welcome on a property than other creepy crawlers. Silverfish populations can contaminate food sources and surfaces as they crawl around looking for food. They also chew on fibrous household materials like clothing, carpeting, and curtains, causing damage that may prove irreversible to old items and heirlooms. Silverfish also populate quickly and can wait out improper elimination attempts to come back in force. A few mature silverfish can quickly breed entire generations, which compounds these problems, and finding all of the nests that they can retreat to is a task you do not want to have to take on.

Silverfish Prevention For Your Property

While they are a headache and a half to deal with, there are some things property owners can do to limit their risk of a silverfish infestation:

  • Food storage: Not only do you need to store food in sturdy containers and areas where silverfish can’t easily access them, but you also need to be mindful of any crumbs or food traces left behind after cooking and eating. Clean thoroughly, especially in hard-to-reach areas.
  • Moisture Control: Silverfish are attracted to moist areas, and anywhere on a property where water or vapor pools up can be an attractant. Routine pipe maintenance can reduce moisture from building up in walls and under floors, and proper ventilation in bathrooms, kitchen and basements will solve for common areas of humidity.
  • Storage: Homes and yards that are full of debris and clutter are just asking for pests to nest there. Clear out any unnecessary clutter from your property and regularly inspect storage bins and containers for any signs of silverfish.

For Total Protection, Turn To The Pros

While you can take preventative measures to help protect your property from pests, only professional methods are guaranteed to drive them away and keep them out for good. Whether silverfish are already a problem, or if you just want more control tips and inspection of your property, the experts at Romney Pest Control have you covered.

Don’t let nuisance silverfish invade your home or business, turn to Romney Pest Control for ultimate protection and control.


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