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How Big A Problem Are These Silverfish In My San Antonio Home?

Nov 2, 2020

Different pests cause trouble in different ways. Some are dangerous and threaten homeowners’ health with the diseases they carry or with their painful bites or stings. Other pests damage homes, furniture, or personal belongings. Some pests are neither dangerous nor destructive but are just annoying. Today, we will be talking about the unique problems silverfish pose around San Antonio homes and providing you with some simple ways to keep these pests out.

What Are Silverfish?

If you have never heard of or seen a silverfish before, finding one of these pests inside your home might be shocking. Although not big, silverfish are certainly strange to observe. Their metallic bodies, three tail-like appendages, and fish-like movements make them an oddity in the pest world. These 12-19mm long, white to brown-grey or silver pests are known for invading homes when the weather outside becomes too dry, too wet, or too cold. Once inside, silverfish will congregate around basements, attics, bathrooms, and kitchens where moisture is high.

One thing silverfish are known for is their strange feeding habits. Not only will they eat carbohydrates such as simple sugars and starches, but these pests will also eat paper, clothing, wallpaper, shampoo, glue, linen, dead insects, and silk. There really isn’t much these tiny insects will not eat.

The Biggest Problem Silverfish Pose

Silverfish do not spread any forms of disease nor do they bite or sting. If it weren’t for their strange eating habits and the allergens they spread into the air, these pests would be nothing more than a nuisance around homes. Since silverfish eat fabric, paper, and glue, this makes them the problematic. If you collect books, value the condition of your clothing, and don’t like having the fabrics around your home damaged, then these pests are the last creatures you want to have in your home.

If you have allergies or asthma, having these pests around might irritate your breathing. This is, however, rare and only commonly occurs as infestations become severe.

How Hard Are Silverfish To Identify?

Because silverfish spend most of their time around dark, damp, and secluded areas, spotting an infestation is often difficult. With a thorough enough inspection, you might have some luck identifying these pests, however, nothing is guaranteed. The only way to know if you have a silverfish infestation for certain is to let a professional take a look. We have the tools and knowledge needed to identify these invasive pests quickly.

Is Removing Silverfish From A Home Hard?

Due to their small size and ability to stay out of sight, silverfish are among the more difficult pests to eliminate. The only reliable way to treat for these pests is with industrial-grade pest control products, which should only be used by a professional. In inexperienced hands, pest control is not as effective and can be potentially dangerous. If applied in the wrong amounts in the wrong locations, you could put your family and pets at risk.

The best way to handle a silverfish infestation is to get the experts at Romney Pest Control involved. Our team of highly trained technicians understands pests and has the equipment needed to properly handle them around your home and property. If you have been seeing strange damage around your home and suspect you have silverfish, let us know by giving us a call or reaching out through our website. We will send one of our experts your way with a quick and reliable solution you can trust.


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